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Where to start with getting fit?!?

I used to be quite fit but over the last year or so I’ve been driving instead of cycling to work AND not doing any other excercise. I want to start getting fit again but I feel really lethargic…want can I do so start me off?
NB I’ve also been in bed for a week after having a terrible time with the flu, a throat infection, a cough and sinusitus…so when should I start anything?….I still have the cough.

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5 Responses to “Where to start with getting fit?!?”

  1. Middleman said :

    I would start off with just simple walking. A good hour per day. Also, a really basic clean diet for a while.

  2. Henry B said :

    Best to wait until your feeling better, Theres no point in going outside in the morning/night when you have a cold,,, your just going to get anouther one! For the first week/two just focus on a healthy diet. Get into the rountine of your diet. Im happy your getting fit, and not one of those bratz who want to be a flimsy stick. Once you feel better/ and one/two weeks up… you can start walking,, You said you “were fit” so you wont have to focus much on walking , maybe for a week of two.. Each week do a little more jogging instead of walking
    E.g 1 min of jogging then 90 walking…. eventually make the amount of jogging higher than the walking….. but don;t feel preassuried into going faster, if you cant cope… And the best way in helping you get back fit is to start cycling…..ditch the car and youll defiantly see the improvement c ya :):)

  3. Andrew L said :

    RUN in the park

  4. SunAmy said :

    First, like quitting smoking, you have to WANT to do it. Your best but probably most confusing answer is use your favorite search engine, using something like tips for getting fit, so you don’t get too many buy this answers. I learned the bottom line is everyday you must burn off more calories than you take in. Start slow, like get back on that bike, walking,etc. Concentrate on diiabetes diet, or hypo glycemic diet, both are supposed to be the healthiest, and you can pick your own caloric intake. I bought two simple things. A pedometer that measures my movements and records how many calories I burned, and a journal made for keeping track of calories burned & lost. Check labels on everything you buy, fresh is always better than processed. I have copd, so I found easier excerises and picked a 1400 calorie diet. This was all 1 1/2 months ago, I already went from 136 to 122. IMPORTANT- check your choices out with your doc first.This worked for me, now if you can tell me how to quit smoking……..LOL. best of luck to you, don’t get discouraged the first week, you’ll see it come off, this encourages you to keep it up. Leave the timing up to your doc, in the meantime you can be making a plan. Need any help on websites, write me.

  5. selteeb said :

    lf you on your feet and feeling able NOW and the fresh air will get rid of the cough if you intend walking


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