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Where do men tend to lose fat first?

My boyfriend and I are now training for a 5km run. Since he’s started running, i’ve been taking his meansurements and writing them down for some extra motivation.
Where is the common area men lose their fat first?

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5 Responses to “Where do men tend to lose fat first?”

  1. jack said :


  2. captivating_ur_mind said :

    seems like legs to me… not stomach, depends on what types of exercises i guess tho.. a weightlifter seems would be where they are lifting with… a runner… perhaps equally all over … especially legs and stomach.

  3. Nick G said :

    At the divorce attorney.

  4. alktrio12 said :

    Anywhere but stomache.

  5. Terry said :

    Although you can’t direct metabolism of fat in specific areas, the belly fat is the easiest to burn, so the body usually starts there on men. However, there will be a general reduction of body fat as you continue to train.

    You will be replacing some of that with muscle tissue in the legs, so they will not appear to lose as much bulk as the waist and upper body.


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