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Where can I find affordable medical insurance as a self employed person?

I am a self employed person so I don’t have medical benefits like you would if you work for a company. I am paying well over $600 a month for medical insurance coverage as a business owner. Does anyone know of a program or something that offers cheaper insurance to business owners?

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9 Responses to “Where can I find affordable medical insurance as a self employed person?”

  1. Rocky S said :

    If you are in NY you can apply for Healthy New York. It depends on your income.

  2. sawftandtender said :

    There is N.A.S.E – National Association for the Selft Employed and I have also heard that Assurant Health is a good company for self employed people to get insurance through.

  3. Katterine Pitt said :

    Look for a high deductible option also known as
    health savings account compatible insurance, typically
    under $200. That way you will save on your monthly
    premium. For the first dollar coverage then
    look for a medical discount program, typically under $100.
    The combination of the two coverages will be less expensive
    compared to what you have now and will give you
    comparable or better coverage.

  4. zippythejessi said :

    $600 a month for a single person is a little high, but for a couple or family, it’s not bad. Try calling a few brokers (especially the one you have your car insurance or other insurances with) and see if they can shop around for you. More often than not, they can find you the best deal if you have a relationship with the company already.

    Otherwise, in NY, as someone mentioned, they have what they call Healthy New York – it’s for small business owners or uninsured workers who can’t afford insurance any other way – the state subsidizes the cost.

  5. pokerplayer528 said :

    That is a ridiculous amount. I have been self employed for over 7 years and I pay about half of that. Do yourself a favor and go get a free comparison quote to see how much you can save. Good luck

  6. efrankbkkcam said :

    you can find cheaper

  7. sirestars said :

    that seems like a lot. i guess a lot depends which state you are in. you can check these companies though

  8. fr_chuck said :

    First no one can tell if there is a good rate or bad rate from what you told,
    for example is this for a family or just you, what is your age,

    If you are 60 years old, that is a great rate for insurance just for you.
    My wife and I pay almost 1000 dollars a month now this is top coverage

  9. Dolly said :

    You can get affordable medical insurance here,


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