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where can I buy white tea?

I hear it’s good for preventing wrinkles and can be a fatloss booster also.


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5 Responses to “where can I buy white tea?”

  1. Su said :

    I’ve bought Lipton white tea at my local grocery store and WalMart.

  2. Mary said :

    Not only that, it’s also the type of tea with the least amount of caffeine in it.

    Try silver needle white tea.

  3. Hadassah said :

    There’s a website called that sells a very wide variety of all kinds of teas, including white.

  4. TeaHawk said :

    There are plenty of good tea merchants online, including me:

    And I also recommend

    No idea on preventing wrinkles specifically, though it’s high in antioxidants. Also, note that most blends take water WAY below boiling and steep for a long time, sometimes 5 to 7 minutes depending on the variety.

    Try a few, tell us which one you like best! (I’m a bai mu dan guy, myself)

  5. LasVBoy said :

    Asian store.


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