Where can I buy low carb solo?

I’ve been searching everywhere in local shopping centres but can’t find the low carb solo. Anyone know where I might be able to find some online?
Ok, for those of you that don’t know what solo is it’s a lemon flavoured soft drink sold in Australia. It normally has sugar but I’ve seen advertisements for it without sugar but just can’t find where to buy it from. They are calling it low carb solo and it’s been out for sale for a while.

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  1. audioworld said:


  2. SOLO Man said:

    Hi there.

    You can get 6 pack cans of SOLO Low Carb at Coles (I’d love to see the 1.25L back in there ~ so feel free to call their customer service line and complain like me!)

    You can get the 1.25L from Woolworths / Safeway and also some independants.


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