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Where can I buy low Carb pancake mix?

Does anyone know of any local stores that sell low carb pancake mix? I see them online but I don’t want to buy online. Im in Georgia so do I need to go to low carb stores or somewhere? I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

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10 Responses to “Where can I buy low Carb pancake mix?”

  1. Daddys Doobe said :

    Anywere, Look at the label. =)

  2. wanda said :

    Go to your local health food store. They have so much to choose from, you would be surprised. They have a whole variety of stuff from Atkins low carb things to choose from.

  3. whaza w said :

    wal-mart, just look for it.

  4. Jeff H said :


  5. icaka24 said :

    you can look at practically any store for it….just ask a salesperson for it or look at the label……..

  6. TotalRecipeHound said :

    Check in the natural foods section of your local large box grocery store. We have low carb mix at 2 grocery stores and Minneapolis isn’t nearly as big as Atlanta.

  7. christie w said :

    Any one who is trying to sell you low carb pancake mix, is taking you for a ride. Pancakes are all high carb, flour and sugar… if you want a low carb version try making an egg white crepe.

    here is a link for a recipe:

  8. lindsay h said :

    Buckwheat pancakes are at least 10 grams lower in carbs
    I tried them and they are pretty good.

  9. zoe said :

    trader joes

  10. shikigami_eyes24 said :

    i seen those at the store (albertson’s) i remember cuz i almost grabbed them on accident…whew…thankfully i grabbed the regular not so healthly ones…lol


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