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Where are the acupuncture points in my ear for weight loss?

I went to an acupuncturist a while back for weight loss and they placed a ‘ceed’ in my ear.
As it is expensive I can’t go back which is a shame as it really worked for me.
The acupuncturist gave me some extra ceeds but I can’t remember exactly what point in my ear they go.
Can anyone tell me?
Please no negative comments and don’t tell me to eat less and exercise more, I know this but the ceed really helps me to stick to this

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3 Responses to “Where are the acupuncture points in my ear for weight loss?”

  1. Quadrato said:

    Wow! I luv that shit!

  2. SkepDoc 3.0 said:

    Please don’t take this as a negative comment, but there is positively no evidence to support the practice of auricular acupuncture. There is weak evidence that regular acupuncture may sometimes be helpful for subjective things like mild pain or nausea…but that’s it.

    Auricular acupuncture,(like iridology and reflexology) posits unseen and unproven connections between a homunculus on your ear, and various internal organs. This is complete superstition and has no relationship to how the human body actually works. If you think it “helped” you, then you are a very suggestible person.

  3. Dr Frank said:

    I am afraid there is absolutely no possibility that acupuncture aids weight loss. Large scale recent studies have clearly demonstrated once and for all that random needle sticks have EXACTLY the same placebo effect as acupuncture.


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