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When you were a young child, did you think crisps were healthy as they were made from potatoes?

I did haha how wrong I was! What foods did you think were healthy when you were a kid, and then realised they were the total opposite?

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17 Responses to “When you were a young child, did you think crisps were healthy as they were made from potatoes?”

  1. Ched said :

    They are healthy… aren’t they? lol

  2. brainlady said :

    Yes and that prawn cocktail flavour- contained prawns!

  3. muse said :

    nah I always knew they weren’t a healthy food

  4. The Happy Murcia said :

    Ha! ha! yes I did, thankfully I learned better……..

  5. teddy said :

    everyone probably did, of course no one realised how much fat there is, nor in fact in many of the foods we used to eat. Fish fingers, not much fish i suspect, even now?

  6. Duke75 said :

    When I was a young child I wasn’t really interested in what was healthy and what wasn’t.

    I just ate a balanced diet. On it’s own, a bag of crisps isn’t unhealthy, you just need to make sure that your diet is balanced which, as a young child, you would have done naturally.

  7. Champagne 3 suspended again ! said :

    I used to think fruit cake was healthy as it had fruit in. Same goes with anything that had the name of something healthy in, eg: carrot cake, fruit pastilles, banana cake…….

  8. sazm82 said :

    I count them as part of my 5-a-day! LOL

  9. Mr TEL said :

    In those days we were told that crisps were healthier than eating potatoes because they were lighter and contained less fat.
    Now we’re being told off for eating them because they contain oil. Can’t win eh?

  10. old rug rat said :

    when i was 4 i USDA to love shuger buttes it did not last long

  11. DJ King K said :

    What Cha Say, They are not healthy? oh s*** i got ta go i’ve some thinking to do!

  12. RanaBanana said :

    My Grandmother used to tell me everything she made was a health food. Now I’m older and I know better. Try to explain to an 80 year old that Angel Food cake is healthy but the cake she calls “Angel Food Cake” is really a “Pound Cake” and THAT isn’t healthy at all. lmao.

  13. Billy S said :

    Yes i did. I also thought drinking pop was healthy as the can said mountain dew.

  14. Yurri said :

    no i didn’t. i was aware of the huge amount of fat.. my fingers ended up as shinney as a mirror after eatting it.

  15. roger b said :

    when i was a child i was that fat ….. the other kids used to pinch my dinner money then go out and buy a bike

  16. Red R said :

    when i was younger, i didn’t even know what the word healthy was, let alone care, and probably even if i did, the cheese and onion would of won out.

  17. ummsulaima said :

    For a short while I did……but then I was told it was starchy……but I didn’t care….so here I am….overweight.


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