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when you need to lose weight quickly, what do YOU do?

The title says it all: What has worked in the past for you?

How much weight have you lost, how quickly, and what did you do? I’d like to lose 20 pounds, but I would love to be able to take off 5-10 quickly. Have any hints?

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7 Responses to “when you need to lose weight quickly, what do YOU do?”

  1. laurenn♥ said :

    when i want to lse like a few pounds, i go to the gym (DO AB WORKOUTS!!! they help the most) and eat a sandwhich for lunch, no breakfast, and likee…. little dinner. dont starve urself but eat less proportions.


  2. classycassie555 said :

    Idk (Never had weight issues) Someone told me a Colon cleanser helped them lose 7lbs..They are expensive tho.

  3. cutie 123 said :

    Exercise and go to the gym daily!

  4. Jenn V said :

    FIRST of all make sure your doing this for your own benefit because it could end badly.

    1) Try and walk to school if you can.
    2) Eat only breakfast, lunch, dinner when their suppose to be eaten
    3) Don’t stop eating junk food BUT also don’t be an extremist.
    4) Get out more For Example in weekends walk to stores hang, out with friends at parks, go bike riding I mean anything that doesn’t involve sitting down.
    5) Remember what I said about junk food well one of whatever you like then get some fruit: Mango, Strawberries, etc.
    6) Don’t expect to loose it TOO fast if you don’t keep at it also don’t let it get to you
    7) Remember you’re doing this for your self no on else, right?
    Hope it helps!

  5. Amanda said :

    First thing, I’m not trying to offend the person who posted don’t eat breakfast, but there are plenty of studies that say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    This summer, I lost eight pounds in two weeks. I had three jobs, so I didn’t have time to work out and go to the gym too much at all.

    I had a bowl of cereal in the morning. For weight loss, a lot of diets i’ve read recommend only a half a cup of cereal or something like that but I love cereal, so i didn’t listen.

    Then, I took a special K granola bar, two clementines, and a slim fast drink to work with me. I usually only needed to eat the clementines when I was working a double (at least ten hours.). The slimfast shake (I believe it’s called optima) is supposed to hold you over for four to six hours. Then, whenever I got home, I usually had a regular dinner, no carb or fat restrictions (I just had smaller portions, its been proven that if you eat on smaller plates, you eat less food)

    I recommend a light breakfast, slim fast for lunch/whenever you get hungry, a healthy and small snack, and a regular, but portioned dinner, and try speed walking or jogging daily.

    I had a very fast paced waitressing job during the summer days and a bartending job two nights a week, so I was constantly on my feet for at least 6-8 hours straight, running around, which is why I didn’t do the speed walking or jogging.

    But, that’s how I lost eight lbs in two weeks so good luck!

  6. Danny said :

    Eat breakfast (ONE bowl on cereal and some fruit on the side).
    Have Nuts as snacks throughout the day.
    Fish for dinner.

  7. mansionghost said :

    Have you tried The Lil Jack workout?

    And Merry Christmas


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