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When trying to lose weight, is a low calorie or low fat diet more effective?

I’ve noticed some foods that are low in calories but high in fat – its confusing!

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11 Responses to “When trying to lose weight, is a low calorie or low fat diet more effective?”

  1. Valerie S said :

    You lose weight through caloric reduction. That being said, you should opt for foods that are also healthy such as eating a low fat, low cholesterol diet.

  2. Aaron O said :


  3. Charlie said :

    Lower calorie is better. Try weight watcher food, it’s absolutely deliscious n low in fat and calorie n easy to keep track of how much you are eating

  4. Sir Allan said :

    As a general rule eat foods that are less than 10% fat.

    However foods high in sugar such as wine gums are very low in fat but high in calories. So use some common sense.

    I am to create a calorie deficit of 500 per day. So if i need 2000 to live i will eat 1500 calories of less than 10 % fat foods. Or 2000 and execise sufficient to burn an additional 500 calories.

    3500 deficit will burn 1lb of fat.

    Also work on 100% carb in the morning, 50/50 carb/protein at lunch and close to 100% protein at night.

    Carbs should all be complex. ie fruit and vegetable or oat based.

  5. BabeHeart said :

    In most foods, if they remove fat, they increase sugar…if they remove sugar, they increase fat (as these are the 2 things that give a lot of food its flavor).

    Low fat is definitely a positive, but keep your calories low too. You don’t have to eat high cal just because you’re eating low fat. Excess calories are what causes weight gain…excess fat (in foods) causes health problems. Moderate both, add exercise, and you should be good to go. ☺

  6. sunnygirl said :

    Low calorie diets are the most effective. Often times low fat diets will only work because you’ve reduced calories too. Many low fat foods have fewer calories than regular ones, but sometimes in order to reduce fat some companies will add sugar to the food and take out the fattening stuff. This adds more calories because there is no fat in sugar.

    There’s no harm in buying reduced fat foods, but watching calories is the best way.

  7. doughnut1002001 said :

    it’s easier and quicker to lose weight though counting cals nealry everything has the cals on these days, it get more complicated if you start doing it by fat contents.

    the best thing you can do is to try to cook nearly everything from scratch that way you know whats going into your meals,
    good luck

  8. srb0630 said :

    When trying to lose weigh the solution is calories in vs. calories out. If you burn off more calories per week than you are consuming you will lose weight. The opposite is also true for gaining weight. Alot of times those low calorie and low fat foods will not keep you full and you will end up eating more. It’s best to just eat a balanced diet rich in complex carbs like fruits and whole grains, vegetables, etc, which will also give you fiber to keep you full. Drink plenty of water b/c sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. Lean proteins, and lighter meat are best. Fish has healthy fats as does nuts (almonds and walnuts are best), avocados, peanut butter (natural is best). Just eat in moderation b/c alot of times it is the bigger and out of control portions we eat that are to blame. Don’t eat until your full, remember it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to tell your body that you are full and by that time we’ve eaten too much! Eat until satisfied, you can always get more if you are still hungry but if you over eat that’s more gym time you need to put in!

  9. Pixinated said :

    The best thing you can do is exercise, it’s the fastest method and best for your body.
    Although, eat some carbs such as pasta and rice.. don’t listen to what the media says, carbs are supposed to give you energy!
    Exercise for at least half and hour and then do some warm ups/stretches before bed. Or go to the gym, join a club! Circuits are hard, but very effectives.
    Look up online for some stretches/warm ups you can do.
    As for eating, just have a good balanced diet.. a portion is about the size of your palm (I think) and don’t have too much fatty junk and chemicalised foods… home cooking is always the best!

  10. Kate said :


    none of these will work – see it explained here: A guy that tells all the arguments is a doctor, so I would believe him..

  11. ChickenGirl said :

    Low calorie. You should reduce fat as well, especially if you’re eating too much, but remember that you need some fat in your diet to be healthy.


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