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When going out, what low carb alcohol drinks do you order, besides rum and coke?

i dont like coke or pepsi, any other low carb suggestions, pls help.

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12 Responses to “When going out, what low carb alcohol drinks do you order, besides rum and coke?”

  1. TitoBob said :

    Light beer or wine would work, but how about a wine cooler? My favorite is Boone’s Sangria.

  2. oldknowitall said :

    Water, iced tea, green tea, v-8, tomato juice, club soda, or good old buttermilk!

  3. anne b said :

    Millar Lager

  4. Amesy1082 said :

    Sugar Free Red Bull and vodka, vodka and soda w/ a splash of cranberry, Mich Ultra, Appletini

  5. mjm13186 said :

    michelob ultra is a great low carb beer, also very low in calories. Generally stick with light beers, they are healthier…well not really healthy, but they are definitely less calories.

  6. at5 said :

    vodka with club soda and lime

  7. Les Douze Jours de Saturnales said :

    rum and coke is low carb? lol

    edit: wine coolers aren’t low carb either!

    anything that tastes sweet isn’t low carb! they add sugar to alcopops you know

  8. A W said :

    Rum and Diet Coke, Long Island Iced Tea (made with a splash of diet coke instead of regular) Certain wines are lower in carbs than others… check their website for that.

  9. Ryan said :

    Sugar Free Red Bull and Vodka. Unfortunately in my experiences, bars don’t usually carry the sugar free version. But if you can find it, go for it.

  10. kr_toronto said :

    CC & G – Canadian Club (Rye) and (Diet) Ginger Ale.
    Screwdriver – Vodka and OJ
    Vodka & Cran(berry Juice)

    Of course – you can just stick to Cosmos and Martinis if you want to look classier (and get wasted faster) ;););)

  11. Lisa H said :

    diet soda if I am driving or wine are my beverages of choice. wine has negligble amount of carbs per serving. like less than one gram. usually 0.8 to 1.8 grams per 5oz. glass.

    if you are trying to avoid carbs. Don’t have things like beer, margaritas, daiquris or anything with lots of fruit juice, sweet and sour, etc. they are all sugar translated = carbs.

  12. Jennifer D said :

    A red wine spritzer ( red wine, soda water, ice, lemon) is a pretty good option. Miller lite has 3.2 carbs. I bring a bottle or can of Diet 7up/Sprite with me to my regular bar and ask them to mix my drink with that. Also, those single serve drink mixes ( Crystal light, Wylers, etc) are good options. Buy a bottle of water, mix, add to maybe Vodka on the rocks (vodka & lemonade, vodka & ice tea) Vodka has no carbs, and mixes with most things well.


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