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What’s your methods of losing some weight?

I’m not that fat.Not really at all though.

But i do wanna lose a little weight for my sisters wedding soon hehe=DD
Well,Its actually in June but i wanna lose some weight before i’m going to be in it & i just want to look nice plus the guy i like is going to be there lol so yea.
Please tell me some easy methods that you use.

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4 Responses to “What’s your methods of losing some weight?”

  1. kadyxteen said :

    no fast food
    no sugary soda
    a LOT of water
    no snacking (if you have to have a snack either have low-fat yogurt or a piece of fruit).

    after exercising have something healthy and with protein. for example, chicken (not fried tho, thats really bad).

    ive never gone on a diet plan before, but i do 4.5 hours of cardio a week (90 minutes 3 times a week) its tough, but it works for me.
    go to the gym and use the treadmill or the elliptical trainer.

  2. yLa said :

    from experience?

    i eat heavy in the morning..
    just right in the afternoon..
    just an apple and/or juice for dinner..

  3. Just Do It. =] said :

    just go running or walk everyday and stop eating all tht junk food and sugery drink.

  4. Sonya [Sunshine] said :

    I don’t know if this is going to help or not.
    Last week I didn’t drink ANY soda, only apple juice.
    And I lost like, 3 Lbs.
    But I lose weight really easy.
    So you could try it, but it may not work for you.


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