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What’s the most amount of weight my friend could lose in 3 months?

My friend wants to lose weight and so we’re all doing our best to support her. She’s about 5″3/4 and weighs 80kg though she’s only 17. How much would she be able to lose in 3 months?

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3 Responses to “What’s the most amount of weight my friend could lose in 3 months?”

  1. oh.yumzz said :

    depends on how much she ate and how much fat was in it,x

  2. finbear said :

    people generally lose 2 pounds a week when eating right and exercising, plus more the first week because of water weight so in 3 months she could probably lose about 25 pounds. sorry i’m not sure what that is in kg’s.

  3. Danielle Gooch ") said :

    Get her to take Bio Body Perfect – Fat Burner, you can buy them from argos ( They say there £12 something in the catalog, but when i bought them they were only £8 something) your not ment to eat whilst taking them because it slows down the fat lose, but i still eat whilst taking them (healthy food) and i lost over 3 pounds in less than 10 hours.

    Exercise she or all of you can do is to lie down with your butt on a pillow (makes it comfy “] ) and slowly lift both of your legs up in the air together, if it begins to hurt then dont worry because it means its just working. If she doesnt feel happy about running outside infront of loads of people then make her run on the spot or dance on the spot for about 30 minutes because you lose loads of calories doing that.

    Tell her goodluck with the weight lose, if you have anymore questions just email me xxxxx <3 xxxxxx


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