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What’s the fastest healthy way to lose 100lbs? How much time should it take?

I’m not trying to starve myself or anything, just get down to a healthy weight. Acorrding to my BMI, I need to lose 100-120lbs to be in the healthy normal range.
I’m otherwise healthy, and I wanna keep it that way, that’s why I wanna lose the weight.
God doesn’t want me to be unhealthy, and that’s what I am as long as I am over 100 lbs overweight.

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15 Responses to “What’s the fastest healthy way to lose 100lbs? How much time should it take?”

  1. westphalia1 said :

    start working out daily

  2. Laura G said :

    The safest way to lose weight and most importantly to KEEP IT OFF is slowly! 1-2 lbs/week is a healthy range although it may come off much quicker at first if you have a lot to lose!

    Losing weight is all about calories in vs calories out. You must east less calories than you expend to lose weight. I.e: Eat 1500, expend 2000 for a 500 calorie deficit. Over a week 500 x 7 = 3500, which is the equivalent to the loss of 1 pound of fat. Make a 1000 calorie deficit and day, meaning 7000 cals/week, and you will lose 2 pounds per week!

    You can achieve this deficit through a combination of diet/exercise.

    Good luck and please contact me if you would like more help/info! 🙂

  3. Monica K said :

    Before starting anything, go see your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to begin a diet and/or exercise program. She/he will get you on the right track!
    If your weight is due to a health issue, like thyroid, you would need to get that resolved. Also, you want to make sure that you don’t have other issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes before you diet or exercise. Diabetes runs rampant in my family; I’ve been able to avoid it by watching my weight but I do need to exercise more… One day at a time!

    Hope this helps & best of luck!
    Mon 🙂

  4. lisathechef7 said :

    Hi. I have about 100-140lbs to lose myself. And trust me, there is not fast way to lose the weight. Only Diet and Exercise daily. For starters, just get up and walk around the house or around your block. If you have Sweets or Junk Food, get rid of them those are your “Enemy Foods”. Second, eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein and plenty of water. If you don’t like to run, just get up and walk. Walk Away Those Pounds. As a matter of fact, I have those “Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds” Fitness tapes and they are a good workout. She does talk alot but her words are motivational. Buy her tapes. The walks varies from 1 to 5 mile tapes. I have two of them. One is a 4 Mile Walk and the other is a 3 Mile walk. I’ve already lost 10lbs. Go out and just Walk. If you need support, Email me.

    On the sites, just type in, “Leslie Sansone” or “Walk Away The Pounds” she also has books. Some of the books include a Diary Log where you can keep track of your weaks and strengths against food, keep track of fitness and everything.

    Hope you enjoy them

  5. It's A Fight! said :

    Why is everyone concered about there weight? I was concered badly one time, And I
    Got skinny and it wasn’t really fun so I put on a extra few pounds. Your weight is what
    god wanted you to be, and if you don’t like it, then you don’t like what god gave you.
    You should be happy god gave you a life.

    But!, If you really wanna loose weight heres what you do. swimming season is coming
    up and I know your really scared people will laugh at you.

    – with every meal drink Water or Orange juice, Milk sometimes (Milk is very fattening).

    – If you are bored and you think about eating and you think your hungry don’t eat
    Because you are really not hungry your just thinking about it. So try to do some sit ups
    or push ups instead. Or do what you like to do.

    – If you have junk food in your house, then get it all out. Because if you don’t have
    Junk food in your house, Guess what, You want be ABLE to eat it.
    Let’s say you eat alot of junk food, and you stop eating it. You will drop 15 pounds

    – Get some Fruits in your house loaded, and eat those when you are hungry but try
    Drinking Lots of water too.

    – Exercises –

    1.) Punch air – Makes your arm look non-fat.
    2.) Running/walking – Good for you also burns what you ate in the past 24 hours.
    3.) Biking – Burns the most calories and fun. just ride around fast for 10 – 20 minutes
    4.) Swimming burns the same and more as biking, because your using your whole body, You
    can loose 5 pounds by swimming for 2 hours doing fast laps.
    5.) Weight lifting – Light weights make your muscles the same and get the fat off you
    also you look better. Heavy weights – Builds muscles like body builders.

    But, People like you for who you are and if they don’t and you wanna
    change so they will like you don’t because that is not a true friend.But
    if you are really fat, and you want to impress a girl, then do what I just told you
    Believe me it works. DONT get frustrated if you don’t see results, because it will
    take about 3-5 days mabey even 2 days if you try really really hard.

    Get on your couch and put your behind right on the edge of it or
    where your comfortable, and start doing sit ups while watching T.V., I
    do This everynight and moring for 100 sit ups for 3 sets. I did this for
    4 days and got a flat stomach

    You might start seeing your lower body stick out more, and thats normal,
    All you do is lay on a flat floor and raise your legs for 25 seconds each for
    5-7 sets. Do this in the moring and at night. P.S. – Lower body is the hardest part
    to get tight so don’t get frustrated about instant results cause your not going to get
    instant rusults.

    If your pecks, or known as your upper body is popping out, then do some
    push ups at your house. Do 10-15 a set if you wait them to get a bit littler
    and cut. You see guy models with cut pecks because that is what turns the lady on.

    For cardio vascular – Skip fast rope for 3 minutes then another session
    do this for 30 minutes if you want results fast!
    Also jogging. Helps tremendously! Do 20 minutes of jogging, and if you
    can’t do the whole 20 minutes jogg in between.

    Foods that I eat alot :

    Apples – 0 calories and feels you up.

    Green beans – 60 calories a CAN but great for your health.

    Grapes – Idk how many calories but great too.

    Any fruits are good for you.

    Drinks :

    Soda – Twice a week or non

    Water – ALOT 0 calories, good for you, FEELS you up alot.

    Orange juice – Great for your health.


    Do Lot of cardio vascular excerices to… Helps you get rid of 80% of the fat!

  6. DARMADAKO said :

    I applaud you on wanting to become leaner and healthier. But, try this for when the weather is in the teens. Exercise is a natural process that our bodies use to eliminate excess fat. People gain excess weight by either overeating or lack of sufficient exercise. So, on those days, stop and grab your coat and your keys and leave the house. Hurry to do this, but once outside take a leisurely stroll around your block. Then go back home and DON’T SIT DOWN, but do some house cleaning. Continue doing this 1 block jaunt for 1 week. Next week walk 2 blocks at the same leisure pace and go back home and clean some more. By now you should be more intuned to yourself and feeling like you can take on the world. Well, don’t. We don’t want you to get discouraged and stop walking. Your body will be fine tuning itself as you walk so you may not see immediate results. For your third week take in a block further and go home and do some more cleaning. Do the same for the fourth week as well. Now, here you are at the second month. You should be feeling more energetic. Are you? OK, then let’s begin. This time when you go for your walk you will increase it by 2 blocks each week. If you feel pain or are short-winded then stop and go back to your last comfort zone of walking. This is only your body’s way of saying that it is not ready for that step so fast. It is not telling you that you can’t or never will do it, but just not then. Now go out and buy yourself some good raingear for the days when it is raining cats and dogs. Boots included and cover your nose and mouth as well. Don’t let the inclement in the weather get in the way of you having good health. Now that you are walking further you need to go home and start organizing the cabinets and drawers. You are probably one of those people who still watch too much television. If you can’t get up the nerve to throw it (idiot box) out, then watch it standing up as you go around and clean house. Oh, and another thing, while you are losing weight your clothes will start to bag and sag. Get rid of them! After all of your hard work you want to flaunt your success. Go out and buy new underwear and outerwear clothing. Don’t forget that your feet will have lost weight too, so buy new shoes. Don’t overwhelm yourself, though. Buy a piece at a time as you loose weight and get rid of your fat clothes. DO NOT STOP once you are at your ideal weight. Now you have to maintain it, for a lifetime. And always be aware of your surroundings. I can see you now. YOU’RE LOOKING GOOD!

  7. Elmo said :

    Try the Atkins diet. I’ve been on it for 2 months and have lost 30lbs! Like everyone else has said exercise!

  8. mrenigma1983 said :

    Yoga, Isometrics work out and eat primarily vegitables, fruits, lamb meat, and fish. If you really want to lose weight and keep it off make this your lifestyle … learn about what I just posted and you could lose a 100 lbs in a year or less in a healthy way just by excersing right and eating right. Also start a vision board of how you want to look and think about it a lot. If you create tunnel vision on the healthy you, you’ll achieve your goal quickly and safely.

  9. sagegranny said :

    Basically you want to loose 1 to 2 pounds per week. You need to come up with an idea calorie amount per day. Say 1600 calories a day. Break that down into different food groups: 5 starches, 3 fruits, 3 daily, 2 fats and 5 oz of protein. From there you build your menus of what you can eat.
    Meanwhile you come up with a decent exercise program. Start off slow by walking 30 minutes (you can break this up during the day) and do some stretches – like yoga.
    The big thing is to start off slow so that you can add more exercises as you progress. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and thus give up in the beginning.
    It would also help to have a diet/work out partner if possible. That will also help keep you motivated.
    So first, rethink your diet – as mentioned before. Incorporate those food changes and then start adding movement.
    It will probably take a year to reach your goal, but you’ll do it safe and be more prone to keep it off once you reach your weight.
    I started something similar myself. I have 60 pounds to loose and in the first month, I’ve lost 10 by sticking with the food groups and doing yoga every morning during the work week.
    Good luck to you too!

  10. Sunflower said :

    I lost 112 pounds but first you must stop lying to yourself saying “all I need to do is diet” you have been on many diets and none have worked for the long run. You must understand first how important you have made food to be in your life. Food for people with eating disorders means: comfort, support, fills the void for many things that are missing in our life, etc.

    Until you believe that you are a binge eater and use food like any person who is an addict, then you will always be saying that ” I just need a new diet” and “I will start tomorrow”.

    I am presently reading Dr. Phils book on dieting about the 7 keys to successful dieting. This book is really good for those who know that they have an eating problem.

    It took me a year and 6 months to lose 112 pounds, not from dieting, but learning about my relationship with food, binge eating, comfort eating, and learning about the power I have given food in my life. The weight began to slowly drop as I began to learn to look for support, happiness, power, love, etc in other places than food.

    Best of luck !

  11. wefwefewf w said :

    start off by walking 45mins-1 hr a day should be easy

  12. Tyrone S. said :

    * get colon cleansed by going to a hydrotherapist and getting rid of the undigested waste, food and toxins in the colon.

    * do @ home enemas and colonics

    * take something like those Hollywood drinks that flush the system of unwanted waste.

    * reduce or eliminate fat and sugar intake.

  13. Leo RrR said :

    Count your calorie in-take !! Keep it to about 12 to 15 hundred a day !! & try some low impact excercises ~!!!. ‘`R`’r,r`r’r,r’r`’,. ` {OHSirLeo}

  14. Wealth of useless information said :

    Don’t try to do a quick fix you will just gain it back. The best way is to do it gradually 1-3 pounds a week. In order to lose 100 pounds, it should take about 18 months. Exercise is key as is reducing sugar and increasing water consumption.

    I started loosely following Weight Watchers. I should be going to the meetings and following it strictly but I don’t have the time or the money. I started exercising 3-5 times a week. I started out with 60 pounds to lose at the end of January. It is now the end of March and I have lost about 20 pounds, I’ve gone down from a size 18 to a size 16 and I feel great.

    I’ve done Adkins and did really well on it (lost 40 pounds) 3 years later I gained it all back and more. Problem is, it wasn’t a plan I could live on forever.

    Consult a nutritionist or join Weight Watcher. The easy fixes don’t last or at least they don’t with me.

  15. Carly said :

    I have had issues since I was 17 with weight. I am constantly up and down based upon what is going on in my life at that time. I cannot stress enough one thing….. Exercise, Exercise, exercise!!! Lots of water, less snacking!!


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