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What’s the difference between weight training a man and weight training a woman?

I know the basics of weight training for men but have never weight trained a woman. A friend wants me to help her weight train to lose fat. How do I do this?

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One Response to “What’s the difference between weight training a man and weight training a woman?”

  1. Sexercise is the best workout (= said :

    well she needs to do a mix of weight lifting and cardio for maximum results

    i’d personally start with high intensity exercises like

    day #1 squats, then keep the pace with some deadlifts, and then onto the t-mill for ~20 mins————-high reps lower weight….high reps being 20-25 reps….30 secs-90 sec rest

    day #2- power lifting then upright rows then pushups, then onto the t-mill or some elliptical.

    day #3…core/back exercises….power set these- pullups (assisted if needed) cambered rows, captains chair, then normal situps.
    3-5 sets…rep count, as much as she can manage.

    day #4, 10-20 mins of “Targetted” exercises then 10-20 mins of a sprint/fast run/fast jog on a t-mill

    3 rest days…

    increase intensity as needed

    the difference between the genders aren’t really that big, other than “generally” women start off a lot weaker than men…

    women can’t gain “mass” like men…

    women are “usually” more determined

    PS: most of these exercises are usually done at high weights, don’t do it because you need to #1. feel out how strong she is #2 you don’t want to injure anyone. #3 Make sure she warms up and intakes alot of calcium ~150-175% of a normal daily value, for the first few weeks, then back to 100% of daily value.

    if you get any pain complaints…watch her form, and lower weight..slow the intensity if NEEDED…but always try to cut time off as you repeat this..


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