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Whats the difference between kids weight and grown ups weight?

and im just asking like if a kid is 5’5 and weigh’s 145
and a grown up is just the same height and weigh’s 145
is it that the grown up is to skinny or just right?

i just wanna know the difference between grown up weight and kids weight.

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5 Responses to “Whats the difference between kids weight and grown ups weight?”

  1. woooooooooooooooooooow said :

    thats unhealthy weight for anyone at that height

  2. Olive said :

    Adults grow more bone mass and as they get older and become more inactive, it is normal to become ‘overweight in kid standards’.

  3. Goldsmoke said :

    My brother was 6’1 when he was 15 (140 pounds) and now he is 25 and is 6’5 (145 pounds)….your wait may change (backed up colon, because of red meat, or water weight). If someone looks healthy now (5’5, 145 pounds), and they grow to 6’0 and still are 145 pounds, then they will look unhealthly.

    But usually when someone is going to grow taller, they get more hungry then usual, thus gaining weight to grow so you don’t tear your skin.

  4. Lua said :

    Lets say for a father and a teenage son who are both 5’10”, the Dad should by all means weigh more.
    Assuming they’re both healthy, we could guess the boy to be around 145-ish, and the father to be closer to 180.
    The son’s organs, fat, muscle and bones would not be full sized and fully formed until he is past puberty.

  5. Red Yeast Rice said :

    begin to think it is, Ldl cholesterol is absolutely nothing but undesirable fats that is certainly not great to the body.


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