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Whats the difference between jogging/running and which will help with fat loss?

is jogging/running better than cycling at burning fat? Also, how much jogging/running do i have to do to see results in 9 weeks?

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3 Responses to “Whats the difference between jogging/running and which will help with fat loss?”

  1. marccat80 said :

    jogging is better for cardio I think because it improves stamina more. And it’s not such short bursts as running. I reckon if you’ve just started, jogging for half hour each day should be enough to see results in your allocated time frame. Possibly extend that time a bit after 4 and a half weeks.

  2. yaff said :

    both will burn lots of calories. The difference is jogging is high impact. Cycling on the other hand is a low impact workout and you can cover double the distance yet still lose weight. As for how much you have to do. well that depends on your body, everyone is different. Put it this way if you generally dont run or ride a bike and you start to cycle or run for 30 minutes every day you will notice a difference within a couple of weeks.

  3. tripleblond said :

    walkign is by far better than running, you won’t build up too much muscle and will be just slim. the trick is the speed, and try to speed up with your stomach and not the legs. dont’ even think of cycling, unless of course you fancy huge thighs.


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