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Whats the difference between delusions and hallucinations ?

Delusions and hallucinations are two different conditions, but with similar characteristics. Hallucination is an incident wherein a person sees or hears things that are not there. On the other hand, delusions can be a hallucination or a belief that is inconsistent with reality.

Hallucinations are usually caused by taking medication with hallucinogenic properties, such as LSD. Some people need to take hallucinogens due to medical reasons. However, those without medical problems use these drugs to be “high”. Since the result of hallucinogens may evoke visions, auditory distortions and visual delusions, many people who took illegal drugs like LSD felt they were opening up their consciousness.

Schizophrenia patients cannot distinguish delusion from reality, but those who use hallucinogens for no medical reason can go back to their normal behavior once the drugs clear up on their systems. Therapy and medical treatment are both needed for schizophrenia and bipolar patients to be free of hallucinations, because without one or the other, hallucinations may still occur.

Two most common types of delusions are grandeur and persecution. Both delusions of grandeur and persecutions may be caused by auditory or visual hallucinations.

People who believe they are godlike or invisible suffer from delusions of grandeur. Since patients experiencing this condition believe they can control situations and their surroundings, they may jump off a cliff in convinced they would not be harmed.

On the other hand, people who believe everyone is conniving against them are experiencing delusions of persecution. With this condition, people become paranoid of their personal conversations being recorded or any other theories that are far from reality. People with this condition usually live in extremely guarded homes and become introverts.

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