what’s the best way to burn belly fat without burning fat of other features?

I’m trying to increase my water to 1L a day, I’m cutting about 800 calories a day, and I’m jogging 15 minutes a day, doing an ab routine the next, etc. However, I’m paranoid about jogging because I don’t want to lose my butt and my cup size. I love those, I’m just bothered by the little bit of belly fat and love-handles that I have. Is there anyway I can burn the belly without the other two features?

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  1. Sam p said:

    first off, you need to be drinking at least 2lt of water a day and more when u excercise, cutting your calories is a good idea, but no more than around 300 hundred a day or your body will just keep storing the fat you already have, i suggest plain old power walking up an incline to help shift your love handles, also try squats and crunches, a healthy diet and cardio workouts (power walking, jogging etc up hill) will help shift your excess weight… good luck.

  2. jiu i said:

    **Eat a Healthy Diet**

    The next thing you need to be sure you do is eat a healthy diet. Try to eliminate as much sugar as you can from your diet. Sugar bloats the belly and keeps it from becoming flat. Consume the proper amount of protein to build lean muscle in your body. Lean muscle mass helps to build up your resting metabolic rate and helps your body burn more fat, including your belly.

    **Drink Water**

    To aid in burning belly fat, you need to drink plenty of cold water during the day. Drinking ice cold water makes your body use more energy because it has to warm up the water once it’s ingested.

    *Get Physical to Burn Belly Bat**

    Moving around for at least 20 minutes per day is key to burning belly fat. Cardio is recommended as well as strength training. If you don’t participate in physical activity regularly, you aren’t going to burn the extra calories, which will in turn, help to burn more fat. Strength training helps to build lean muscle mass which will aid your body in burning the fat.


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