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What’s an easy way to lose fat?

Err, rather, the *easiest* way? I have no problem is muscle mass (I suppose I could stand to build my arms, but the rest of me is has a lot of muscle), but I have a lot of body fat I would like to lose, specifically around my mid-body, and some under my jaw.

I’m only 19, but I’ve been heavy ever since I was maybe 13 or 14 (moved to a crowded neighborhood, didn’t get out as much), so I’m curious if I’ll ever be able to have that “slim appearance” most guys my age seem to have, or if I’ll always look like I was overweight?

Currently, I’m ashamed to say, I’m 19, and 252 lbs (hey, I was 280+ last year, at least I made *some* progress, lol). I’m having a hard time getting my focus back for one thing, as there’s always an excuse, and I have a hard time pushing myself.

Anyways, would fasting help lose fat? I don’t mean for a long period of time (unless that would help), I just mean fasting like one day a week for a few weeks/months? Is exercise going to help burn fat? If so, what kind?

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14 Responses to “What’s an easy way to lose fat?”

  1. andweridingsoslow said :

    Get your ass off the computer and go jog.

  2. soundproof said :

    outrun it.

  3. Mad Scientist said :

    Let your cat loose in the city streets.

  4. cool_aqua84 said :


  5. Mimza said :

    Don’t do a water fast, its the easiest way to gain double.
    Try natural juice fast.
    Fruits and vegetables – all you can eat, fast. I’ve done these ones and it works real fast and you’re not hungry.

  6. Elizabeth said :

    good job so far! do lots of cardio and eat less calories and healthier calories: whole grain, fruits, veggies. you definitely CAN get that lean look. fasting won’t really help, just eat less overall and better, no junk food, extra fats and sugars. good luck!

  7. Dan P said :

    One thing to do and I dont know if you do this already but cut out the caffeinated beverages. 2. Most importantly is portion control, like no joke dude if you take one scoop of them tasty mash potatoes instead of two it will make all the differance in the long run…its almost scary to listen to you cuz you sound exactly like me, you even are at the exact weight that I was at. Another thing I did was and this is going to be hard but go to bed hungry and mean if there is any will power inside of you use it to not eat at least 4 hours prior to bed, and if your stomach is growling I hate to say it but its a good thing. If you can make it through the night , the next night will be a lil bit easier just keep doing it whatever it takes. And I know exercise is a hard thing to get motivated to do but what I did was as soon as I got on the tredmill I yelled out loud WOO!!! THIS IS NOTHING!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! I’M PUMPED. And I swear I was reborn for the time being.

  8. Semester at Sea Alumni said :

    I’ve been watching what I eat because I’ve been using Alli and also have increased my exercising. I’ve been losing weight. Looks like you are doing good – just keep going. You probably will never look like a super model but it will help you keep healthy as you get older.

  9. kerry said :

    a healthy diet & exercise is the only way to lose fat, walking
    is one of the best ways to get healthy & lose weight

  10. mspiggypinon427 said :

    drinking green tea and exercise, brisk walking around the neighborhood, lessen your carbo intake and schedule a day a week just drinking natural juices ( less sugar pls.), maybe for 2 mos.

  11. anonymous =] said :

    Fasting is a very bad thing to do since you’re not getting the proper nutrients. Of course exercise will burn fat and you will gain some more muscle. as for the kind of fat, it just depends on what kind of exercises you do to determine where the fat is lost. Doing ab workouts help with your mid section and lifting weights help with the arms. also make sure that you get your daily nutrients and keep your calories somewhere between 1200 and 1500 to lose weight.

  12. Princess N said :

    Run! or walk for an hour at a brisk pace. Weight lifting is great too! Also fasting is only temporary, as soon as you are done fasting, the weight comes back and it is harder to get rid of.
    Tape some pics up of what you want to look like. Buy something you like to wear one to two sizes smaller than you are. At the end of the month try it on to see your progress.
    good luck

  13. Jake G said :

    My field is in fashion, as a result many people ask me how they can slim down. My answer is always the same: good diet and exercise. But I found this great product which I think helps a lot in the process. I recommend you check this website , they have a free trial and you only pay $6.95 shipping and handling. Good luck!

  14. harry said :

    if you really want to lose your fat don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts ,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details view the website


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