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what’s a safe way to lose some fat?

like not buying a bunch of things or doing too much excercise, i’m not fat but i’m getting there and getting scared about it too and I want to get back into shape like I used to be without working too hard @ it

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6 Responses to “what’s a safe way to lose some fat?”

  1. ernstmail04 said :

    your not going to keep the weight off w/ out exercise

  2. julietnretro said :

    Low carb intake. Never eat a fat and a carb together. (such as bread and butter…bad combo)

  3. fred01 said :

    probably walking daily a certain amount of distance, eat moderately stay away from a lot of sugar

  4. mabel said :

    If you don’t want to gain any weight but keep your original weight you need to eat your regular meals w/o skipping it and do some exercise regularly that would help to maintain your ideal weight under control u don’t need to overwork yourself to be in shape but u need discipline to keep your weight in control.

  5. iamangelheart18 said :

    Well what you don’t want to do is starve yourself, because then you will just get sick and be low on energy. What you could do is find some good healthy stuff like bars or shakes and work out. Also watch what you eat. Certain foods can be the reason your getting fat. When you work out, only do it for a certain period of time. Too much will not make you lose faster. In fact studies show, that people work harder and faster, don’t always nessary make a person lose faster because if it. Only work out to certain point, then when you eat make sure you know how much sodium(salt) and sugar your consuming. It could be part of the reason, so limit how much of both you eat everyday. Don’t over do it on everything, food and working out.

  6. goatchalice said :

    Listen… only way to lose weight, change how you think and live. You don’t have to starve or by crap. Its simple. Replace fatty high calorie stuff with more sensable substitues. Eat stuff with high protein. If you want to eat a lot of calories eat it in the morning. Intaking calories and carbs at night is silly. MOST IMPORTANTLY STOP DRINKING SODA JUICE KOOLADE what ever! Just drink water and diet soda at best. Oh and don’t eat 2-4 hours before you go to bed and drink plenty of water before then too!


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