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Whats a good routine to lose weight using a exersise bike?

I just got a exersise bike and am trying to lose weight. My husband and I are in a competition of who can lose/gain the most weight in 2 months. He’s trying to gain more than i lose.

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2 Responses to “Whats a good routine to lose weight using a exersise bike?”

  1. Adar said :

    Go slow and easy, when you’re in an aerobic state you burn predominantly fats and carbohydrates. Assuming you’re over-weight, this is the best approach. It’s best to go at a rate you can still comfortably talk at, for longer, instead of going crazy and burning out in a few minutes. If you have a heart-rate monitor train at between 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. A rough estimate of your max heart rate is 220 beats per minute minus your age.

    Depending of how fit you are, anything upwards of 15 minutes is great. So 15min-1hr 3 times a week is a good starting point. It’s more enjoyable to go at an easy rate, and won’t discourage you from continuing the excercise.

    You burn more fat in the morning than in the evening. ALWAYS drink 2 litres of water. Eat freshly and mostly un-processed food. Good luck!

  2. Adia said :

    The way not to do it is starve yourself, to start with. Just exercise and eat right. I did….lost 90 LBS because of it. Starving yourself won’t help at all. Drink more water, eat less before bed, and don’t eat for stress are the 3 things I follow and i’m going pretty well if i don’t say myself. 90 LBS isn’t anything like 5-10lbs so take my advice. If you want anymore details, feel free to email me. Just please be patient for ppl seem to email me for advice on this, I will reply, don’t worry! ~Adia


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