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What would be best. Need advice. 5’6″, 17 years old, 175-180lbs?

Not all of it is muscle. Quite a bit of the weight is not muscle. I am no stranger to the gym. It justs seems at times like its going no where and i lose motivation. But I need advice. what is the best weightlifting for fatloss while maintaing or growing muscle? Best cardio? Best type of diet? Best type of supplements? I have tried whey protein and it is good for dieting. I have also tried Hydroxycut hardcore and bodybuilding supplements. Some it it worked but the dieting is the hardest part. It is hard to say no to certain things. With all the right mix approximately whats the fastest I can lose like 35-45lbs? Like how long? In time for summer? Any advice, ideas, plans would be appreciated. I thought about a Marines style lift because i am considering joining after highschool. it has a good mix of cardio every other day and it is a 7 day a week lift. It does like calstythetics day then a cardio day and every day is different. Advice? Pyschological boosts? anything?

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2 Responses to “What would be best. Need advice. 5’6″, 17 years old, 175-180lbs?”

  1. Netherdrakee said:

    SQUATTSSSS!!! they really help your abs and core. Deadlifts as well. And also, supplements contain lots of calories, and if you don’t do ENOUGH work it will turn into fat. If you want to gain muscle you need calories, but if you want to lose fat you dont want calories. And for cardio, just go for a 5km run every other day. Jump roping is good too.

  2. sgtsweetpants said:

    First of all, chill out.

    Then, do a variety of exercise so you don’t get bored. Jog, bike, yoga, pilates, weights, anything to keep yourself in the game.

    Eat sensibly. Cook simple meals from whole foods. Don’t shut yourself off from everything you like, just eat small amounts of the sugary, fatty things that you like.

    Get lots of rest, meditate, drink plenty of water. Leave the diet pills/programs/vitamins to those with lots of money to waste for little results.


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