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What workout machine is targeted for belly fat loss?

Im looking for a workout machine that is targeted to lose belly fat more than any other areas (but of course where it will still work on other places) please put what you thought of the results on a 1-10 scale (1= terrible, 5= its good but not that good, 10=fantastic and gets really good results) Thanks 🙂

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2 Responses to “What workout machine is targeted for belly fat loss?”

  1. iceydicer said :

    Don’t use a machine. Eat a WELL BALANCED diet. And get your heart rate up above 120 for over half an hour per day.

    I say not to use a machine because your buying something you could easlily make urself, or you may not even need one. Use your own bodyweight as something to lift, if thats too easy…

    Certain excercises won’t burn more fat in certain areas. but they will build muscle up in the area which helps hide the fat. so if its you belly, do sit up and leg raises. Ankle taps are also really good. You’ll save ALOT of money.

    I.e. well balanced diet imply’s lean meats, such as steak, NOT minces, or chicken breast. and lots of fruit veges and potatoes, nothing deep fried or processed.

  2. Michelle said :

    Using elliptical machines are the best machines to lose weight with. But, exercising will not help you lose weight if you aren’t eating healthily. Eat a balanced diet to go with your exercise…Also, losing weight takes time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t lose all your weight in a week!

    There is also the option of the ‘Insanity workout program’…One of my friends is using it, and she says it is EXTREMELY intense, and so you should definitely consult your doctor before trying it…It’s basically a program that teaches you how to use your own weight to exercise!


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