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What will i achieve from eating healthy at the age of 14 coming onto 15?

By eating healthy i mean cutting out food like burgers and eating more fruit, pasta, soup and drink loads of water etc etc.
Any other tips ?

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7 Responses to “What will i achieve from eating healthy at the age of 14 coming onto 15?”

  1. NoRegret said :

    ull be healthy that what ull achieve but if u mean losing weight go to the gym run in the morning b4 u eat then later in the day and eat healthy meals

  2. Belfast Bap!! said :

    Its a time to live free from diets when your that age,just go and enjoy yourself you will have loads of time to worry about your weight when your in your mid 30s.,i should know i’m 33.sad but true.

  3. Ste A said :

    You won’t slowly turn into a big wobbly fat mess by the time you reach your mid twenties. It’s much easier to keep yourself in shape when your young than it is when you get older, so make a good start now, and create that stepping stone you can use to make sure your healthy in your later life.

  4. Kasi said :

    You’ll know how too eat healthy in the future, you’ll keep a healthy weight which many teens don’t, you’ll form good habits for later in life, and a odd as it sounds my Dr states that taking time to eat healthy lowers stress levels because you’re taking time everyday to concentrate on something other than work/school/ etc.

  5. Rachel said :

    better skin, weight loss, etc.
    buy vitamins, that way you’re getting the vitamins you need, but you can still eat some junk too!

  6. helen said :

    ur skin will be better, ur weight wont fluctuate erratically and u will be healthier all round, sleep better and moods will be better. perhaps adding a little excersise, around 3 half hour sessions a week would be healthy, and help keep ur metabolism steady rather than strenuous excersise, and lets face it at 15, ur body will not want to be running before brekkie so at ur age, dont worry about being that intense.

  7. lilbumpers said :

    You will achieve good health. But you will also establish eating habits and preferences that will last you for your entire life. As you get older, your body will not be able to metabolize food as quickly and easily. Therefore, foods that you can eat now without problem will cause problems down the line. Your best bet is to start the healthy lifestyle now so that when it really counts, it will be second nature.


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