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what ways are there to look slimmer without actually being slimmer? or going on a diet?

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19 Responses to “what ways are there to look slimmer without actually being slimmer? or going on a diet?”

  1. drum_n_bass_girl said:

    get run over by a steam roller?

  2. Barometer Soup said:

    1. Dark colors have a slimming effect.

    2. Don’t wear anything with stripes.

  3. MICKY D said:

    Get a biro and colour in the desired areas. This is only effective when naked so try hanging around bars drunk and telling people that you are game for anything. Wink wink.

  4. e404pnf said:

    There are none. If you are a lardy you will look like a lardy — hit the gym!!!

  5. Amy P said:

    Correct posture can make you look 8-10lbs. slimmer.

  6. alibongobert said:

    Magic knickers

  7. Hibee said:

    Special mirror.

  8. laciloo said:

    wear black and start running

  9. nicolehope said:

    Wear black! And depending on your body type, there are certain styles of clothing that you should or should not wear to slim you out.

  10. Lady said:


  11. Sarah H said:

    Longer lines in dark colours and no stripes, make sure that the clothing is the correct size as wearing something a size too small makes you look even bigger.

  12. Artful Dodger. said:

    Loose clothing?

  13. Saskia M said:

    Wear good underwear, stand, walk, sit straight…wear matching colours, black is slimming. Wear flattering clothes for your body shape..accentuate the good and hide your blobby bits.

  14. erdinger dunckle said:

    breathe in, wear black, use trick mirrors, who are you trying to deceive?

  15. Mollygog said:

    High heels, pants without pockets, never wear an elastic waist,Clothing in subdued colors-doesn’t have to be black, grey is very nice. Vertically ribbed turtleneck w/fitted jacket….Always wear clothes that fit.

  16. pinksammycats said:

    Marks and Spenser have bought out a new range of clothes to assist with slimming. I find a large belt helps to hide my after baby belly. Also trousers and skirts with a wide waist band also help keeping it all in. And of course big Knickers.

  17. Andy FF1,2,CrTr,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 said:

    Buy high quality clothing that fits you well… Clothes that are too small make you look not only fat but uncomfortable too…

    and if you’re big in the hips, please, PLEASE, do not wear high waisted denim pants….. :O

  18. crazychicklisieloo said:

    Well you don’t have to diet too look slimmer just eat the right foods in moderation. As far as clothes are concerned it all depends on your height and shape. Wearing the correct sized bra is always a good start, as it it will make you look smaller round your middle. Don’t wear anything too tight, I know it can be depressing but buying the correct size for yourself will flatter you more than trying to squeeze into something! There are lots of magazines available that give good tips on what best suits you, and don’t be afraid to ask in the shops when buying things, the shop assistants are there to help you xx

  19. Lacey Lottie said:

    Different Clothes, And Colours Make Me Look Different Sizes.
    The Darker The Colour The Smaller I Look,
    The Light The Colour,The Larger I Look


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