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What way is the fastest way 2 get stronger and gain muscle within 2 months?

I want to get stronger and gain some muscle. I want to workout soon and i want to know what is the fastest AND easiest way to do that within 2 months? – summer break

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3 Responses to “What way is the fastest way 2 get stronger and gain muscle within 2 months?”

  1. Sera said :


  2. Ricky said :

    I would consult a trainer to gain a good amount of muscle in that short of a time. I would say increasing sets and reps would help. You may also want to check out an ingredient found in natural supplements.

  3. Joe said :

    heres the change ive made in the last 10 weeks…
    before –
    after –
    heres what i did…
    DIET –
    not changed much. just cut down on processed foods have a glass of semi skimmed milk or 2 on top of original diet and drink water some of the time…(i would never drink water before) oh and i have eggs sometimes, yeah i didnt use to eat eggs much, i have 3 when i do (ermm about 2 or 3 times a week)

    i do this every day as best i can, 3 days is the longest gap ive left. i often miss fridays cause i go out drinking…you dont need to ruin your life to get a good body you can still eat tasty food and drink beer…lol

    30 half sit ups X2 (Arms crossed on chest)
    lay flat on back legs straight, bring one leg up bring other leg up put one leg down put other leg down 15 times X2
    lay on back bent legs feet on the floor touch left foot, touch right foot 15 times X2
    lay on back hands behind head bring one leg up and upper body at the same time, alternate legs 15 times X2

    20 push ups X3-5
    30 bicep curls (5KG in weights i would do more but thats how much weight i have at home) X3-5
    lay on back on a stool spread arms to side keep them straight and bring arms straight infront of you (with 5KG weights) 30 reps X3-5

    good luck, i hope you get some work done and dont waste all your time reading rather than working! as long as your muscles hurt you will get some results, GO FOR IT!

    oh and if your thinking in the ‘before’ picture wow thats still a lot of muscle i have been working out un seriously on and off since i was 8 but in the last 10 weeks i started for real

    1 more thing. age: 16 in the before picture 17 in the after picture


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