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What to use / how to make nails strong and healthy?

I often wear false nails, mainly because my own nails are fairly soft and brittle. I do understand that I’m not doing them any good though, as wearing these makes them even worse. I have removed my false nails and want to know if anyone has any helpful information as to how to clean them up and start a regime to make them strong, healthy and able to grow them without them splitting and breaking as easily as they do now.

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10 Responses to “What to use / how to make nails strong and healthy?”

  1. **shelby** said :

    Vita Nail !! its pretty good there a wide range of things but yes omg dont fake nails ruin our poor little nails !!

  2. Diana said :

    more nutritions like fruits and vegetables. u can put the nail polish on that makes nails thicker or harder to break.

  3. ms_wentz said :

    do not leave your nails plain if you think they’re brittle. purchase a colorless nail polish because they make the nails stronger than any other nail polish.

  4. Hilary Elaine G said :

    CREAM FOR PILES!!! beleive it or not, its also the finest thing out for helping droopy eye lids!!

  5. boden21 said :

    cheap and easy almond oil from the chemist rub it on morning and night

  6. girl23 said :

    eat gelatine. like knox gelatine. i think they have this powdered drink mix. it will make your nails strong plus make your hair shinny.

  7. delreena r said :

    rub olive oil in to them cheap and effective

  8. shiruru said :

    I also recommend the Knox gelatin, which is inexpensive and can be found in the baking area of any grocery store. Also, try polishing your nails with a few coats of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. I’ve used it for years and it works really well. Biotin is also great for nails, it is a vitamin health supplement that can be bought at most drugstores and promotes the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

    Good luck to you! I think natural nails look nicer than fake ones anyway. I hope you can grow a nice healthy set. 🙂

  9. wirley said :

    There are a range of products specifically for this – called nailtiques. ( check for them on line…they are available in beauty salons too) I have tried other brands but they didn’t work.
    I had really short peeling and weak nails after removing my acrylics…they’d been pretty rubbish before that too.

    Now I apply a layer of clear protein varnish ( nailtiques protein no 2) every night before I go to bed…and my nails are amazing…I have to file them down to stop them getting too long now !( this has taken just 6 weeks) I have not broken a single nail, and have had no splits or cracks in all the time I have been using it….it’s miracle cure ! It costs about £16 per bottle but is well worth every penny

  10. steff p said :

    my nan used to eat 1 little piece of jelly from a block a night and she swore by it


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