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What symptoms of a sinus infection will cold medicine alleviate?

We thought my sister had a cold. She took cold medicine today, and it didn’t alleviate any of her symptoms, so we believe it began as a sinus infection instead of manifested into one from a cold. Is this possible? Should the cold medicine helped at least some of her sinus pressure, headache and nasal drainage/congestion?

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6 Responses to “What symptoms of a sinus infection will cold medicine alleviate?”

  1. Party girl 101 said :

    Cold medicine can help the congestion but definitely not the head pressure.. All sinus infections are a cold gone worse but it could of been minor and she’s not feeling sick until now. Best way to relieve her is take her to the doc so she can get put on antibiotics!

  2. abcd said :

    if it is a viral sinus infection then it should go away on its own, however, it could be bacterial so go to the doctor and get it checked out because you don’t want this to get worse.

  3. Krissi said :

    The only sinus medicine that will really help congestion is sudafed or pseudoephedrine (generic name). You need to buy this behind the counter at the drugstore as some idiots make methamphetamine out of the active ingredient. If it is actually a sinus infection (lasts more than a few days), she needs to see the doctor for antibiotics or even steroids. Remember, your sinuses are very close to your brain and you do not want an infection there. I had to have surgery on my sinuses as many people do, because they are closed off by bone and infections can build up in these closed spaces. Nasal sprays like Afrin are OK for a few days, but no more. They have a rebound effect that makes your sinuses swell up after you use them, so you can be stuck using them for the rest of your life. Does she have a headache in the front of her face (eyes, cheeks, etc.) that feels like pressure? That can indicate sinus problems. If she’s not better in a few days, have her bend over forward and see if the pain gets worse-sinus pressure worsens in this position. If she doesn’t get better after a few days anyways, she needs to see a good ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor), not just your family doctor. This can be very prolonged and painful if left untreated, trust me.

  4. gangadharan nair said :

    These self-help steps can help relieve sinusitis symptoms:
    * Get plenty of rest.
    * Drink plenty of fluids.
    * Steam your sinus cavities.
    * Apply warm compresses to your face.
    * Rinse out your nasal passages.
    * Sleep with your head elevated.
    If you have got chronic sinusitis, consult an ENT Specialist.

  5. paola mendez said :

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