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what supplement can i take to increase my metabolism and lose fat?

i excersize, but am not able to lose my love handles. that’s like…the only fat that’s on me. then i went on vacation for a few weeks, and i gained 5 lbs. i mean, wtf! i feel horrible and chunky, and now i’m getting a tummy to go along with my lovehandles. i eat very healthy, not just ur “norm” healthy, either. i’m about to go on a lactose free, no sugar diet. any help??? i mean with the suppliments.

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2 Responses to “what supplement can i take to increase my metabolism and lose fat?”

  1. ashlynn18 said :

    Don’t take supplements I suggest green tea. Brew it pure and unsweetened or with a little splenda. This does increase your metabolism. Eating six small meals throughout the day also helps. I would say eat 1500 a day and burn off 500 a day through exercise 4 to 5 times a week. Try and consume fish at least 3 times a week(tuna, salmon). Eating omega 3’s are good when on a diet or if you dont like fish then try taking a fish oil supplement. Running or jogging is the best form of cardio to tone up your entire body. You can also try bike riding or an elliptical if you have one. Its smart to cut out sugar and try and limit your carb intake just dont completely do without. Its best not to eat carbs past 3 o clock. I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss.

  2. BabeHeart said :

    Supplements tend to be a waste of money at best, and harmful at worst. If it were that easy, we’d have far fewer fat people.

    It’s crummy but you have to keep puttin’ in the time and effort. Eat right, exercise regularly (shoot for at least 1 hr a day, at least 5 days a week). Do cardio for fat burning, and strength training to tone the muscles in the areas you’d like to be more firm and defined.

    There are no short cuts (that work) sorry. It’s a lifestyle change and there’ll be times when you gain a few lbs (like on vacation) and then you just have to get back on track and lose them.

    Don’t “diet”…make it a healthy eating change you can live with forever. Diets stop working when you stop dieting.


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