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What sports make you slimmer instead of building up more muscle?

What are some sports that don’t make you gain muscle too much but help you slim up? Please give me some examples. I know cardio is good, but what would be some others? And is yoga good to get slimmer too?
And is that “step-machine” good for sliming up too?

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7 Responses to “What sports make you slimmer instead of building up more muscle?”

  1. Mr. Angry said :

    anything that requires u to run around alot.

  2. Wolf M said :

    Walking, Running, Swimming, Skipping…
    Jumping on a trampoline, House chores…

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  3. Eric T said :

    running, swimming.

  4. Benji said :

    Running and swimming are both examples of great exercise regimes that do not ‘bulk’ a person up. You could also investigate dancing, and if you don’t think dancing is a ‘sport,’ boy are you in for a surprise! Dancing is a great way to exercise while doing something truly enjoyable!
    Yoga is never a bad thing. Pilates is also great!

  5. Greywolf said :

    Yoga is a reasonably good slimmer because you work muscles in ways you don’t usually work them on a daily basis.
    Long distance running/cross country running is about the best way to lose a lot of weight and not put on bulky muscle tissue.
    You already know that cardio is good.
    If you want to go to a gym and use all their machines and do very low weights and very high repetitions. Do many sets of exercises and even take the muscles to ‘failure’ (where you just can’t lift the weight anymore) as this will burn up just about all the glycogen in the intra-muscular tissue and slim the muscles down.
    This will not only tone slack muscle but will burn up fat.

  6. that's not my name. said :

    running, running, a sport that involves running, and running.

  7. tunafish said :

    The same sport practiced in diffrent ways can make you slimmer or more muscullar.
    If you make an exercise with weigts making lots of repetitions (5 series of 20) with small waeight you loose. If you make less repetitions (4 series 12-10-8-8) you increase.
    If you swim for a long period of time you will loose also.
    What you eat after the exercise can also influence. If you want to loose, then don’t eat anything for the 2 next ours after training, because everything you eat or drink in that period of time willl be easy to absorve by the body.
    You should make a diet low in carbohidrates (potatoes, rice, beans) and make light meals after 6 pm
    Its also very important to drink 3 lts of water to make the kidneys work and get rid of what you dont need


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