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What sorts of foods can I eat that will help me loose weight fast?

Im home for about 3 weeks before I head back to school and I would love to go back looking great. I need to loose about 15 or so pounds and get my body looking great. What are the best foods that I could eat to help me loose the weight fast? I know drinking lots of water, and also exercising but does any one have any tricks? Special foods or exercises that work well and fast?

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3 Responses to “What sorts of foods can I eat that will help me loose weight fast?”

  1. browndh2003 said :


    To help do this use smaller plates and eat more slowly.

    just because I’m a stickler – it is “lose” – loose means not tight

  2. followmyfitness said :

    Heya 15 pounds is not unrealistic in that time. However a few tips that I have learned in recent times.
    1. Don’t try to change your weight *purely* by food modifications, you *WILL* need to excercise.
    2. Go for 6 small meals a day, this keeps your body processing food all day long and hence boosts your calories burned anywhere upto 300 additional calories per day
    3. For those 6 meals stick to a fistful size (believe me it *is* do-able) you can have as much salad and veg as you want (watch for dressings and sauces tho as these have additional calories)
    4. For the small meals try to keep to low GI foods as this will keep you feeling full to the next meal. Eat things such as all-bran for brekky or even something like baked beans which have protein
    5. Work out at the gym. From my estimate you will need to be doing at LEAST 4-5 days a week for the three weeks to lose that much.
    6. After you lose the weight stick with the program. As you are losing it in a very short period, if you do not stick to your guns you will put it straight back on.

    Take a look at my site I would love to hear about your progress (see the forum).

  3. De S said :

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