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What should you do to lose fat but continue gaining muscle?

I have been lifting for a long time and I can see myself gaining muscle mass but I can’t seem to get rid of my gut.

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6 Responses to “What should you do to lose fat but continue gaining muscle?”

  1. pisces said :

    keep lifting it will go away sooner or later. That is if your working your abbs

  2. greeneyedflavor said :

    you probably have alot of water weight try increasing your cardio jump rope, running, etc……. also the steam room is another excellent option

  3. sylviasmith said :

    Eat lots of protein, eat fats (just not the saturated kind) and whole grain carbs, and lots of fruits/veggies and fat-free dairy. Then do cardio for half an hour to an hour daily, plus weights every other day. You’re sure to see your body fat percentage drop within a few weeks if you’re consistent w/ this regimen.

  4. angel said :

    Try to do more exercises than just lifting , like do more sit ups and try running. You can also try swimming. If you want to gain muscle but still lose the belly try to do sit ups on a bench, with either a bar weight or dumbbells held on your chest.

  5. The K said :

    It is very very difficult to gain only muscle and no fat along with it. Unless you are genetically gifted, and are able to simply gain lean muscle, you will have to gain both and then trim down later. Its all part of the bulking phase of working out. However, there are some factors to consider when trying to expediate the fat burning process. The most important factor is your diet. Make sure you aren’t eating stupidly, ie. fast foods, simple sugars, excess fat (although this last one is debatable). You don’t want to eat a huge meal and then finish it off with a big sweet desert. That will simply shoot up your insulin and allow your fat cells to shuttle everything you just ate straight in. You also have to look at the timing of your meals. Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Try to keep the protein in your diet high and sugars low while maintaining a balanced diet. Less importantly, but helpful to the process is cardio. Try to fit in about 30 mins after your workout 3 days a week. You can follow cardio with a couple sets of crunches. Some people like to do them before, some after; however, this will not help burn abdominal fat as much as tone the muscles there. Finally you can try those metabolism boosters that make you sweat all day and have you feeling cranky and jittery. Be careful of these though, some of them carry some very undesirable side effects.

  6. nightserf said :

    Diet and exercise. Your diet should be low fat, medium carbs, high protein with fewer calories than you use. You can increase the latter by adding aerobics to your exercise regimen–running, swimming, and biking are all effective. Also, if you develop the habit of keeping your abs slightly tense at all times, your torso will hold the desired shape. This should be easy, assuming you work your abs out daily.


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