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What should the intensity on my bike be to lose weight?

For the last year or so I have been keeping the intensity as tight as I can but it means I lose only about 230 – 240 calories because I go very slow. I changed the intenisty of my bike today and its much easier to go faster now. I also lost more calories in 45 minutes (350 calories). Is it okay if the intensity isn’t so tight? Will I still lose weight? I also do 50 situps and 30 squats.

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2 Responses to “What should the intensity on my bike be to lose weight?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    sound like you are using a stationary bike?
    if so try doing this:
    use less resistance.
    Try to keep you cadence(how many revolutions per minute you pedal) up to about 90/minute(about two revolutions per minute)(this equate to almost running pace) and do them in about 5-10 minute intervals , with rest periods in between(coasting)

    diet is also important(less calorie intake will help with the weight thing)

    remember to Stretch before and after the exercises

  2. joeamow said :

    get a treadmill they work better


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