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What should i do to loose weight fast?

Im 15 and high risk of dibetise the DOC says i need to loose weight. What should i do?

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13 Responses to “What should i do to loose weight fast?”

  1. Candie-eyes said:

    watch wat u eat…that means giving up the junk food…and exercise..go for a jog or somthing..
    Its hard but dont give up
    Good luck!!

  2. llanishenmansam said:

    go ona diet

    do exercise

  3. Sean said:

    Ask your doctor. Most will come up with a plan for you to lose weight. It is not safe to lose weight “fast”.

    Low fat/calorie food is best, and no candy/pop/chocolate/sweets etc.

  4. ashar m said:

    Eat vegetables and have cardiovascular exercises such as eliptical ,runs,bicycle,air bicycle,crunches, etc…
    And always have supervision !!

  5. Annanas H. said:

    There’s no healthy, safe way that’s fast.
    But eat healthy and exercise. That’s all you can do.

  6. Rinni said:

    eat portioned meals. eat a good lunch so that you wont need to eat a snack before dinner. or many snacks.. if you have a dog walk it everyday. its good exersize for the dg and you

  7. charles l said:

    you need to fast for a day or so,then stick with protein[ chicken,fish,beef] all cooked at home,no fast food

  8. Liz said:

    excersie and watch what you eat by healthy healthy foods like more vegtables, salads and elimate junk food and sweets.

  9. Your Holiness said:

    Much excercise and drink MUCH fluids (more than you care to!)
    and if you are going to have the disease…you might want to learn how to spell it…..

  10. honie said:


    Try a low GI diet, this diet was originally designed for Diabetics and involves eating healthy food that the body has to break down over time, leaving tyou fuller for longer.

    The best person to advise you is your doc, maybe go back and get a plan put together.

    AS for exercise, I like doing 30 mins boxing on the wii or a half hour jog with the dog.

    Good luck!

  11. socerstar16 said:

    try the south beach diet!

    look at all their sucess stories etc…

  12. Rachael B said:

    Is your family supporting a healthy eating environment? I am sure the doc did not intend for you to do a quick diet, but a lifestyle change. If you need help with learning to eat right and excersice then tops or weight watchers is a great support system. My freind who was threatended with diabetes was told to do the weigh watchers because of the rules to the points. If you are largely overweight even the smallest changes to your diet can have you seeing results fast.

  13. Tom Tom said:

    Well Currently I’m in school to be a dietitian so I have some pointers that I hope works…
    1) You absolutely NEED exercise!! – When you exercise if you want to burn fat you do a walk for about 45-90min. That is the set back though because it takes a long time. Now you don’t want to do any hard workouts just yet if you want to burn fat because if you do that your going to experience a crossover effect, which is burning carbs instead of fat.
    2) Take a multivitamin. Most Americans do not get the right amount of vitamins in there diet because of the foods they decide to eat.
    3) The number 1 thing I suggest to do is QUIT POP!! Pop has a high amount of high fructose corn syrup in it. Try to stay away from that. Ever since they started putting high fructose corn syrup in everything the obesity rate went sky high.
    I guarantee you will loose a lot of weight just from that. But remember don’t substitute it with bad stuff.
    4)Choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes(beans).
    5) GET ENOUGH FIBER!!- This is what Americans lack the most in their diet. You absolutely need it to keep a healthy digestive system.


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