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What should eat for dinner when losing weight?

I don’t always want to eat what my family is eating because it might be not be good for me to eat when losing weight. What should I eat for dinner when I want to eat something different from them?


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One Response to “What should eat for dinner when losing weight?”

  1. Meisha Tiesto said :

    Try something balanced and healthy, also home- cooking online recipes is a good idea, maybe search google (or use a previous house- hold recipe and replace for lean/ healthier product’s: lean ground beef or ground turkey/ ground soy, light cheeses, wholewheat pastas/ brown rice/ couscous/ quinoa, pure olive oil, fat free evaporated milks, fresh or steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables, baked/ roasted yams and potatos, boiling in broths/ water, chicken/ turkey, lean pork’s/ lean red meat’s/ fish and seafood’s, tomato sauce’s, beans/ chickpeas/ lentils, tofu, egg’s, herb’s/ spices, etc ..)

    Also, try these simple quick ideas:

    4-5oz Lean red meat (steak/ beef)/ lean pork (tenderlion)/ chicken or turkey breasts/ fish or seafood.
    3/4 Cup brown rice, long grain rice, couscous, quinoa or medium yam/ potato ~ 1Cup
    3/4 Cup steamed- cooked vegetables in TBSP olive oil; or side salad, TBSP dressing/ vinagrette.
    1/4 Cup optional lentils/ chickpeas/ beans or baked beans.

    2 Cup’s wholewheat durham pasta
    Cup of tomato sauce
    Added lean protein (sliced chicken, ground lean beef/ turkey/ soy, turkey- meatless soy meatballs, shrimp/ scallops/ tuna/ salmon, turkey- chicken- vegetarian sasuages or bacon, prawns, falafel’s, beans, chickpeas, lentils, diced tofu, etc ..)
    Added 2TBSP grated cheese
    Optional tossed in diced vegetables in pasta, or consume with side of steamed vegetables/ side salad.

    Omelette (2 Egg whites, 1 Egg with yolk)
    Added 1/3 cup shredded cheese or 1/3 cup ricotta- cottage cheese with 1/2 cup diced vegetables in omelette (pepper’s/ onion/ spinach/ tomato/ sundried tomato/ broccoli/ etc ..)
    Consume with turkey, chicken or vegetarian soy; sasuages or bacon
    Consume with a slice of 100% wholewheat toast
    And salad/ spinach salad with TBSP dressing/ vinagrette, 3/4 cup steamed vegetables in TBSP olive oil or medium fruit (or cup of fruit juice)
    Optional TBSP hot sauce/ salsa or light syrup/ margerine.

    Hope i’v helped, best of luck!


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