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What questions should you ask your doctor regarding weightloss?

I am needing to loss about 45-50 pounds. At 30, I have never before needed to try and lose weight. What are some questions that I shoould pose to my doctor? For that matter, what are some tests I might expect to take (blood work, stress test)? Is it better to see the Family Physician/General Physician as opposed to a specialist?

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One Response to “What questions should you ask your doctor regarding weightloss?”

  1. Wonderwall said :

    It has been my experience that doctors are NOT well educated on the specifics of nutrition. Medical school doesn’t teach you about diet.

    If you want the best advise, I would recommend seeing a nutritional specialist. They will be your best bet. Guaranteed.

    Express your concerns/goals to a dietician and they can help you answer questions that you may have never thought of.


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