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What percentage of girls who start dieting at 13 get eating disorders?

I know a girl who has been dieting since she was 13 and still is (she’s probably around 15 now). What are the chances of her getting an eating disorder? I’ve heard that like 86% of girls who diet at that age end up with one, is that true? What statistics do you have/know? I really would like to warn her parents, especially since they see nothing wrong with her behavior. I’m not sure if she’s throwing up in a bathroom or anything like that, but she definately is watching what she is eating, eating foods marked “low carb”, keeping track of how many pounds she has lost, and exercises for the benefit of weight loss. Also looks like she could use a vitamin if you know what I mean..
Thanks to all who help.

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One Response to “What percentage of girls who start dieting at 13 get eating disorders?”

  1. Spenelli said :

    i’ve been dieting for a year and a half (since 13 1/2) and i dont have a disorder, maybe shes just trying to be healthy. talk to her before her parents. there could be something going on at home, eating is a bout self control, maybe if shes lost something she thinks regaining the ability to choose what she eats can bring things back into focus and get stability.
    hope i helped


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