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What other effective ways are there to lose fat quickly?

does someone know what effective ways are there to lose fat quickly?

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8 Responses to “What other effective ways are there to lose fat quickly?”

  1. Kim said :

    Follow below steps:

    1. Exercise
    2. Eat a balance diet
    3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
    4. Have an 8-hour sleep
    5. Never smoke
    6. Drink light alcohols occasionally
    7. Find time for a vacation

  2. Ladia said :

    Anorexia works! No, just kidding! Start setting goals for yourself.
    eg 30 mins aerobic exercise each day (running, biking etc.) If you want to get serious, invest in a treadmill

    Follow a food guide, like the Special K diet. Which brings me to

    Don’t skip meals. You’ll only end up binging and feeling regretful. A good diet is a bowl of high fibre cereal with reduced fat milk in the morning, sandwich or salad with meat and no fat dressing for lunch, and and light dinners such as carb packed pasta (skip the cream sauce) or fish.

  3. Jboe said :

    go to your doctor and get put on diet pills, thats what i’m doing! my aunt is doin some kind of shots in the tummy idk what they are all about.. but yeah?

  4. Flatulozzo said :

    1 liposuction
    #2 don’t eat
    #3 drink water only
    #4 sleep a lot
    #5 have a lot of sex /burns calories, ya get ur exercise, releases endorphens (whatever that is), and it’s hard to eat or think about eating if your having sex all the time.

    personally I vote for #5 truly, Flatulozzo

  5. Andrew said :

    There are many effective ways to loose fat quickly. Firstly you need to control your diet and make sure you are working with yourself in accordance with the daily recommended intake. You also need a good amount of exercise daily, this will ensure you burn out any fat or carbs that your body has stored and will keep your body in a good and healthy shape.

  6. Itisha said :

    Make proper selections
    1> Choose healthy food for junks
    2> Prefer walking to nearby places and cycling to a bit far places.
    3> Try not to take help of others in work that exert you physically.
    4> Don’t use remote for tv operations. Walk to it.
    5> Walk when you talk on phone.
    6> Chew your food very nicely and eat slowly
    7> If waiting for someone then stand up and keep walking till the person arrives
    8> Never use elevators or escalators. Use stair case(I can take 12-14 floors in one go)
    10> Play games that exert you.
    11> Do some regular yoga.
    12> Drink a lot of water
    13> Take a cup of luke warm water every hour and add a few drops of honey and drink it. This mobilizes the fats in the body.
    14> Dance a lot whenever u get time.
    15> When in bus get down a stop before the expected on. Walk to your stop.

    Over all try to put weight reduction in every possible aspect of life, rather then taking up exercises and quitting them later. When u have taken up all these acts, u’ll never gain weight.

  7. kasey said :

    If you are looking the best way to lose fat, i suggest doing what this mom did

    Combining the best diet secret to get the best result

  8. ginas said :

    Eat better, cut out fast foods and high fat foods like candy, cake, soda, fries, burgers, etc. Eat more fruit and veggies and lean protein like chicken. Start exercising, 3 – 4 times a week you can walk for 30 minutes to start. You will lose fat and become healthier.


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