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What medicine should i take or do to get rid of my sore throat?

It’s been 3 days and i still have a sore throat. What should i do or what medicine should i take to get rid of it?

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5 Responses to “What medicine should i take or do to get rid of my sore throat?”

  1. muahhhh said :

    i love vicks!! everything for vicks works for me!!!

    from the vicks rub to the vicks throat spray to the nyquil

  2. durno69 said :

    tylenol sore throat meds or thera flu its like a tea and it helps sore throats good luck..

  3. appygirl said :

    my mom always had use gargle with warm salt water. if that doesn’t work obvious you need to get a throat culture to see if it is strep.

  4. The Jonas Brothers Lover said :

    HAve you seen a doctor? Have any other syptoms? You could have strep and the medicine for that needs a doctor to order it for you.

  5. quiksilvr1867 said :

    there is an old remedy that my dad told to me. if you take worm water, and mix it with a teaspoon of salt, and then gargle it for about 20 seconds. it should work. and if that dont work, try going to they have alot more than what i can offer.


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