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What medicine should I buy to stop my coughs?

I just did a renovation of my house and I inhaled some dusts. I’ve been coughing lately. What medicine should i buy?

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3 Responses to “What medicine should I buy to stop my coughs?”

  1. Mike V said :

    If your cough is dry use a cough supressant cough medicine. If it is a wet, productive cough, use an expectorant. The combination expectorant/cough suppressant is useless because it counteracts itself. It keeps you from coughing up what it’s trying to get you to cough out.

  2. lucybeagle2003 said :

    I would recommend seeing your doctor about getting a cough medicine prescription. I found that nothing over the counter worked until I saw my doctor. The best part was that the meds she gave me were capsuls not a nasty syrup! Even an urgent care should be able to give you the appropriate medicine if you don’t have time to go to your regular doctor.

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