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What medicine or such can help a women during period for pain?

My girlfriend is in a great deal of pain every time during her period. She is from Asia and currently in Japan now, and they don’t seem to have any medicine for it. I could have sworn there is medicine in America for it, what can I do to help her?

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5 Responses to “What medicine or such can help a women during period for pain?”

  1. NickyNawlins said :

    ibuprofen is best for bad cramps and a warm heat pack on her lower stomach

  2. LAEXAJERA said :

    There is a medication that I take before and during my period its called pamprin. Try to ship it to her if she cant firnd it in Japan.

  3. Jen said :

    i agree with the person that said pamprin…that is best for everything that comes along with periods….moodiness, Pain, everything
    Midol is good too though

  4. CrunchyCon said :

    Ibuprophen is the only thing that works for me. You can get that anywhere.

    But you can also take Zinc (vitamin) to prevent cramps in the first place. 25 mg three times a day, start taking it a couple days before your period starts. Works, I swear.

  5. q&a_08 said :

    ibuprofen, aka advil or something like that, is the best for cramps and other things like headaches. if she is in so much pain that she feels like she might die or something, like if the pain is that extreme every time she has her period, she should definitely see a gynecologist.


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