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What kinds of foods are recommended for a low-carb diet?

I was diagnosed with PCOS and need to begin a low-carb diet. I am not familiar with what this entails and could use some guidance on putting together a plan.

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6 Responses to “What kinds of foods are recommended for a low-carb diet?”

  1. Alysson said :

    start with celery and water

  2. Duds331 said :

    Chicken, fish, red meat, veggies, water…

    No sugars… no fruit… no breads… no potatos…

    See the South Beach Diet, Phase 1

  3. ashnitstarcraft said :

    U need fruits and Vegtables…. Dont eat Sh*t

  4. sara_busa said :

    Meat: all types. When I was on the low-carb diet, I stuck to chicken and fish, because too much red meat can be overwhelming.

    Green veggies–lettuce and broccoli.

    Eggs. Breakfast meals are the easiest meal on low-carb. Stick with scrambled eggs, omelettes, fried eggs, and a side like sausage or bacon (but remember what I said about the red meat!) I would eat boiled eggs like they were going out of style.

    It depends on how low-carb you need to keep it, but there is a great bread, called Healthy Life that is low in carbs (about 5 per slice). Great for sandwiches!

    Try reading the Atkins Diet book, there are tons of great recipes.

  5. drumfly08 said :

    Atkin’s Diet is low carb also.
    Go to Yahoo! Search, and type in ” low carb diets”.
    You’ll find all kinds of stuff .

  6. Dayan said :

    eat fish with tomatos


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