What is your best reason for not dieting or sticking to a diet?

I’d like to know what excuses people come up with for not sticking with a diet or why they don’t feel they can diet? Short simple answers please.

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14 Responses to “What is your best reason for not dieting or sticking to a diet?”

  1. Mimi said:

    I am lazy! I love Pizza and Ice cream and chips and donuts and french fries. I have no self control.

  2. magic m said:

    Oh, I’ll start tomorrow!

  3. CarefullySealed said:

    My brother actually tries to get me to eat not so healthly food. I can resist not eating the unhealthly food easily, but he almost makes me feel bad when I didn’t eat any the pizza my dad bought last night. I almost thought about breaking my diet just out of pure sympathy even though I didn’t even have that much of a desire to eat it. I do absolutely love pizza though…I can just wait to eat it.

    Talk about a battle of the wills…

  4. Poppet said:

    I think I convince myself I’m unwell and shouldn’t be dieting…

    “oh, I feel a bit run down, I need the sugar” “a hearty dinner will do me good, salad won’t keep my energy levels up”.

    Things like that!

  5. DragonLady said:

    Can’t be bothered or no self confidence that they can do it.

  6. meeeeeee said:

    i really like food and have a major sweet tooth!

  7. antonia m said:

    i am sticking 2 my diet as people r telling me i look better as av lost 16lb up 2 now yippeeee
    in the past i aint stuck 2 my diet as i would think i am o.k am not that fat there are fatter people and i like food 2 much

  8. sexmunki said:

    None of my clothes would fit & I can’t afford more!!

  9. sc said:

    Lazy, no motivation.

  10. Cathrine J said:

    i have never been on a diet in my life!! i just eat very well.
    as for exercise, i wont do it if i am sick!

  11. treefrog said:

    Hmmmm…..trying to decide if it is a “reason” or an “excuse” that you want…. lol

    I’ll give you one of each.

    A couple of years ago, I dropped 106 pounds. Soon after, I was diagnosed with lupus, lost the use of my legs to the point that I could’t do things for myself…ie….shop, cook, etc. Obviously, the exercise program that I was on came to a screeching halt, too.
    So, even though I was sick…..being stationary and having to basically eat anything I could get someone to toss me….plus being depressed…..caused me to put most of the weight back on.
    ( That’s a real reason )


    I battle depression and anxiety….plus, I don’t have much energy to put into taking care of myself.
    ( I think those may be excuses…..yeah, they are ) LOL

    But, hey….when I set my mind to it…..I can do it!!! 🙂 For me, it’s something that has to happen in my mind, first.

  12. jackie742962 said:

    Simple mate, im a greedy B**ch

  13. sophi said:

    you will feel the same about your self fat or thin.being happy in your skin is what matters

  14. Tricia W said:

    Id rather be pleasantly plump.


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