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What is the quickest way to looses belly fat?

I am really tired of my belly fat my clothes don’t fit right and my breast are growing also..Please help!

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6 Responses to “What is the quickest way to looses belly fat?”

  1. Hati C said :

    Do sit ups.

  2. logan682 said :

    you can’t, theirs no such thing as spot reduction. You just have to lose overall body fat and sadly the stomach is the last place to lose body fat.

    Edit: Do cardio…any form whether its heavy impact (running) or light impact (biking/elliptical). not sit ups that doesn’t do shit. It will strength the muscles under your belly fat not help you lose fat in that area,

  3. sexypoohj09 said :


  4. artist in asia said :

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  5. Healthy Helen said :
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  6. michkh1 said :

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    Good luck


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