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what is the quickest, easiest way to lose weight fast?

well ive gained too much weight lately from an injury during basketball. i might be off my ankle for anotehr month as well but i dont want to gsin any more weight.
the most i would want to lose is 10 pounds, but how can i lose that somewhat quick and easy? i just want the extra weight off and a way to get exercise in regularly so i dont gain any more weight, so i can lose the weight i gained, and so that i can do it daily without any pain.

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3 Responses to “what is the quickest, easiest way to lose weight fast?”

  1. Dro said :

    Well to be honest their is no “easy” way to lose weight fast.What i recommend is do SWIMMING

  2. cher85 said :

    i would say eliptical machine best sweat or do turbo jams or tae bo …amazing work outs..

  3. Ryan Cerri said :

    Here is some strong info in respect to.


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