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What is the quickest and safest way to gain muscle mass?

I’d like to gain strength and mass without having to do all the unhealthy things concerned with a “cut” cycle. In other words, I want to develop as much pure muscle, without gaining the fat that usually accompanies it.

10 point to the best advice…and thanks!

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6 Responses to “What is the quickest and safest way to gain muscle mass?”

  1. Crasstopher Columbus said :

    Red Meats and Whole Milk.

    Praying might help too.

  2. KirKie said :

    weight lift

  3. sexiegrl08 said :

    lifting weights and having a protein-centered diet (or eating protein bars, drink protein shakes, etc.)

  4. Rev3nton. said :

    First, if you want to gain MUSCLE mass, you will have to eat five meals a day. No food, no results. Depending on your age, eating a lot of junk food will heavily impact your results. You want to warm up for 10 minutes before your workout. It all purely depends on what your goal is. Give this the best answer and I will inform you on what to do.

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  5. Randy W said :

    Weight training with good cardio workouts and a lean diet rich in protiens. Avoid Breads, Dairy products and pastas, the fats carbohydrates you don’t want. You can use a mass builder protien mix like creatine.
    Lots of water, no high fructose syrups, if it’s on the label it out. no Caffinated beverages, Stay away from the sugars. Lots of fruits and fiber.
    Sausage is a good way to retain water to help build muscle but the down side is the fat.
    Also some red meats, but not more then 5oz servings during a setting, and you will gain more muscle mass eating fish then any other meat, because of the omega 3 and 6 protiens.
    Also consider some flax seed oil and a good multi vitamin.
    Only wieght train every other day, and never try to power lift, lift allot or repatition, then afte a week increase weight. You get more results out of lift 20 pounds 500 times then lifting 100 pounds 10 times.
    Well what are you waiting for get started, I need the points!

  6. Kelly H said :

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