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What is the quickest and best way to lose weight?

I am 16 years old, 170lb, 5″6… I would love to lose about 30lb… What is the best way? I want to lose most of it before I go on holiday at the end of July with my family. What is the most realistic amount of weight I can lose in 2 months?

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8 Responses to “What is the quickest and best way to lose weight?”

  1. So Wrong, It's Jessica™ said :

    Record your calories and eat less, stay active and lose a pound a week.

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  2. Dj' s said :

    Sorry to state the obvious but eat less and do more it really is that simple!

    Try cycling everywhere it has worked for me, i lost 7pounds in 3-4weeks

    Good luck : )

  3. righteousjohnson said :

    2-3 lbs. per week. Double that for the first week or two.

    There’s really no secret to it…less eating and more exercise. If that sounds too hard, or boring (which it is), then you’re not that interested in doing it.
    The real question is, are you going to take control of your own life, or not?

  4. Matty said :

    Well just so you know, losing weight is not instantaneous, thats why sooooo many people give up.
    Just follow 3 simple steps and I promise you will lose weight.

    1) Eat less junk, more fruit and veg.
    2) Exercise!
    3) Drink Green Tea

    Green tea has loads more caffine in it that normal tea so its sends your metabolism through the roof, its in many weight loss products aswell. And, and and and its full of anti-oxidants.

    So drink up 😛

    Matty 😀

  5. James said :

    Try doing more exercise and eating more healthily… that is the best way, seriously.
    Maybe go out jogging and do some light muscle exercises, eat lots of fruit and veg and drink lots of water.

  6. Elisha Rocks <3 said :

    erm well u need to eat less and cut down your portion sizes and exersize more! a portion of any food is the ammount u can fit in your hands cupped together. only 3 portions in a meal so dont eat more than that of anything.
    so u have one portion of mashed potato one portion of chicken and a portion of veg in a meal.

    drink lots of water! sometimes if you are dehydrated you can feel hungry when your actually not. so drink plenty of water.

    dont eat any junk food and dont drink fizzy pop at all its full of hidden calories!
    snack on fruit and carrot sticks
    also it isnt healthy to lose more than 3lb a week.

    i am trying to loose weight and i find that if i only eat when im hungry
    my doctor suguested that i try that weight watchers diet.

    im not sure about you but i can eat 1425calories a day and still lose weight. i try my best not to go over this. i can still eat treats like chocolates and pizza but i watch how much of it that i do eat.

    i also exersize more now by walking everywhere… and i do wii-fit and exersize DVD’s to burn calories.

  7. ifa73 said :

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  8. stuck4words said :

    hi! im at the same thing as you except im going away on june 2nd so its kinda closer!!! I’m drinking green tea like all the time, I’m doing an hour and a half of yoga each day, a forty minute walk each day and when I’m watching tv during ad breaks i do sit ups or the plank or crunches. And cut down your portion sizes and for inspiration I have pictures of my favorite celebrities and their fabulous bodies hanging round the place for inspiration. Good luck darling! i hope you succeed!!!! xxx


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