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What is the perfect running technique for 400 and 200 meters?

I have my P.E assessment next wednesday, and we’re not graded on how fast we can run the laps, but mostly on the technique we use to run, can anybody please explain what the perfect running technique is?

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4 Responses to “What is the perfect running technique for 400 and 200 meters?”

  1. lestermount said :

    Both are long sprints, both take relaxation to be able to maintain top possible speed for the entire race.
    The start is almost the same as the runner comes out of the blocks and accelerates to top speed in about 40 meters.
    Both races start on the curve, when the runner comes off the curve at what should be fast the 200 runner tries to relax and maintain that top speed so he can finish the second 100 faster than he ran the first 100.
    The 400 runner while running close to top speed is running a little less,so that he comes through the 200 about 1.5 to 2 seconds slower than the 200 race time.
    That is so he can maintain that speed for another 200 meters.
    The runner must power the curve to maintain the speed because it is harder to run on the curve than on the straight.
    When the runner comes off the second curve with about 80 to 100 meters to go depending on the track design he is going as fast as he can for that part of the race, and only tries to maintain that speed, and does not try to run faster, which will cause him to slow.
    The secret of maintaining speed over distance is being able to run relax with good technique while running very fast.
    It feels kind of like floating in that you are not trying to increase your speed, but only maintaining that speed.

  2. Flowquietly said :

    don’t try to run the whole race in the first 50 mts pace your self with the others, concentrate on your breathing and keep relaxed, then with 75 mtrs left, go as fast your legs will carry you, don’t worry about anyone else, or collapsing, let go and give your all, as long as you do the best you can possibly do, you can do no more, then you have achieved a personal best – practise will show marked improvement over the years – your stamina and speed will develop

    The secret is in the breathing – make that your priority

    All conscious effort gets rewarded

    good luck

  3. Mosheva said :

    Horrible advice from the people above.

    By no means is a 200 or a 400 a long sprint……

    Best advice ever given to me: Eyes up, Chin Level, Knees up, swing from your shoulder not your elbow.

  4. Nike_Star said :

    I run the 400 for a living, and trust me, there is no such thing as ‘a perfect technique’
    If you want an impeccable technique for the 400m, then watch Jeremy Wariner.
    He conserves his energy well, very efficient, relaxed & comfortable, goes through the motions smoothly.
    The best example was his 43.45 run in Osaka (2007 World’s)

    So your question, can anybody please explain what the perfect running technique is?
    The answer IS, it’s a myth.


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