What is the number one rule for losing weight?

I find it so hard to commit to losing weight. I want to lose 8kg but I just can’t seem to keep to a diet for long enough. Are there any ways you have found help to get my mind on the job and learn to eat healthy and exercise enough?

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16 Responses to “What is the number one rule for losing weight?”

  1. ♥*`Pink Sarcasm ♥**•.¸¸ said:

    Don’t skip any meals.

  2. wolfsmoon71 said:

    Eat less, move more.

  3. Jamie said:

    #1 – eat less calories than you burn.

    Yes, dont skip meals. Your body goes into starvation mode after only a few hours & stops burning calories. Eat every 2,3 hours, small meal, healthy food. And not just carbs. Best is a 40/40/20 ratio of protein/carbs/fat.
    More carbs AM, more protein PM.
    No junk!

    Drink a lot of water. Drink 20oz COLD water when you wake. Revs up your metabolism by 30% just towarm the water.

    Find something you like to do. A sport, join a dance class/club, play tennis. Team sports have friends to keep you involved.

    And if you skip or eat too much, sont let it get you. Thats hust one time. Stick with it.

  4. Carol said:

    eat 6 small meals a day. SMALL PORTIONS!!! no eating after 9pm.

  5. Lilymarie4 said:

    Only drink water. Get your calories soley from food. Drink lots of it.

  6. dicku said:

    You can lose around 4-5 kg of weight in 2 weeks. 2 weeks is little time
    get yourself free bottle of great 100% natural weight loss pill

    I’ll explain what you can do, but you must start today.

    Most people think that crunches and sit-ups make you lose fat around stomach. But actually these exercises make your muscle to grow. But you can’t burn fat with those. They last too short to burn fat. Your body starts burning fat after 30-40 minutes of exercise, not before. Now listen. The best way to get rid of fat around stomach is to do long and steady cardio exercises in the morning. This could be elliptical trainer, stationary bike or treadmill. Of course riding a real bike or runing in nature is even better. But it is EXTREMELY important to do long duration cardio exercises.

    Your body starts burning fat only after 30 mins of cardio exercise and not before. Before that it burns the energy that is stored in your blood. After that it begins burning fat, which is also storage of energy. Also there is awesome product called Lyse XL (www.bloggiaitri.com) which makes your body to burn fat faster. If you take these pills combined with cardio exercises you will see good results in 2 weeks. Just right for your upcoming prom. But like I said, you have to start today. You can get a FREE bottle of Lyse XL on this website: http://www.bloggiaitri.com. You just pay the fast mail delivery. The free bottle is enough supply for 2 weeks. I think that would be best for you…

    Also remember to drink a lot of clear water. That’s important. If you are going to do cardio in the morning before the breakfast, remember you must eat after the exercises. Your body needs proteins, vitamins and minerals to build muscles and work normally. You must not starve your body, remember that. It can have negative effect, can lose sugar in blood. That’s other great stuff about Lyse XL, you can eat much and still lose weight. + the cardio in the morning and you will do the best…

    Slow & Steady Cardio

    * Long duration (45min – 1 hour)
    * Low intensity
    * Burn fat and not carbs
    * Preserve joints

    I hope I got you motivated enough to start now. I don’t know what’s the time where you live. But you can do 1 cardio right now. And the next ones always in the morning. Don’t forget to order free bottle of Lyse XL at http://www.bloggiaitri.com

    I wish you all the best luck! Do it as I recommended and let me know how good it went.

  7. AznPersuasian said:

    bee happy be healthyy

  8. cloudx79 said:


  9. Peacelovelolo said:

    ,you must eat better and health yer you should also stay in shape work out for 1 hour at least 3 times a week.

  10. D B said:

    walk. a lot. cardio is the best thing for losing weight. now that summers here it is way easier to start walking. drinking lots of water is also good. it cleans out your system and it fills you so your not as hungry.

  11. Jeff's boo =] said:

    eat in moderation. try to eat foods that haven’t been processed as much…the fresher the better. white meat chicken and turkey is always a healthy option. drink LOTS of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies. dont skip meals. haha.

  12. Lyfemusicx32 said:

    You do not have to stop eating the foods you love you just need to watch how much you are eating. I have been eating all of my favorite foods along with getting some sort of daily exercise and have lost over 50 pounds. Once you get going it’s hard to stop while it is hard work to get to that point it is 100% worth it. 🙂

  13. jesahurt said:

    All about portion control, and eating more fruits & veggies.

  14. J S said:

    First, if you like to walk- find someone to walk with- it makes it go so much faster and it’s more enjoyable.
    Also, the fruit diet works pretty good, if you like any kiind of fruit. You can only eat fruit though- up til 11am in the morning.
    Then, after 11 am – you can eat anything. Drink lots of water with lemon- that curbs your appetite, and will hlep you lose weight faster.
    Now for the hard part, no eating after 6pm- that is when food sticks to you! You may drink water- but try not to munch.

    You may eat anything you want after 11am and before 6pm- but the better foods you eat, the faster you will lose weight. Try celery if you need something crunchy- and peanut butter if you like it- it has protein. Raisins are good with the pb too !(for fiber!)
    I lost 15 lbs in one month- and years ago I lost weight much faster with this plan when I was younger.
    Exercise- if you want a toned up body, exercise with weights on your ankles- start with a small weight and add more gradually.
    Good luck!

  15. Central N.Y. Guy said:

    1 . Drink a lot of water
    2. Eat 3-5 small balanced meals per day spreading them out evenly to keep up your metabolic rate.
    3. Exercise.. walking is best for burning fat..
    4. get enough sleep.. being rested actually shows to help in weight loss
    5. Cut back on carbs and sugar.. Eating more protein
    6. Keep fruits and vegetables around to snack on when you get hungry.
    7 . don’t starve yourself.. This is a big mistake I see a lot of girls make
    8. Don’t try to lose a lot of weight at once… You should not strive for more then 2lbs a week..
    This will help you keep your muscle mass and you will have a much healthier look once the weight comes off.. I am not sure if you have ever seen someone that loses weight fast in and unhealthy way.. They look really pale and unhealthy and they are not toned… It’s not good way to lose weight…Anyways… Hope this helped..
    God bless you !

  16. hahahaha said:

    eat less cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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